TW commentator application

Here are the positions that are still available :


– HT : Heaven’s Tear

RT : Raging Tide 

– AR : Archosaur

– DW : Dreamweaver

– LC : Lost City

– HL : Harshlands

– ST : Sanctuary


6 comments on “TW commentator application

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  2. Im definitly interested in TW commentator, but since Im a euro player, I won’t be able to do it straight after the TW’s.

    What is the idea and when will it be posted?

    Regards, Vlad/RVD

    • It’s okay if it’s not RIGHT after the TW, but the day after the battle would be the idea 😉
      What is your server ?

  3. That brings something to attentin. Perhaps you should expand and make some new categories for new servers. Lothranis and something.

    • I will if we ever get people from that server to cover at least 1 type of news, which is not the case… I’ve never heard anything from those EU servers…

  4. i can be a commentator for Heaven Tear server weekly because i am a very active player for TW.

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