About PWInsider

PWInsider (or Perfect World Insider) is a blog that will diplay useful news from Perfect World International other than cash-shop promotions and other “spend your zen on me” stuff, like for exemple Territory Wars results, gold trading prices or even guild leader’s interviews.

Here we’ll talk about :

  • Territory War (map, battles results, war declarations)
  • Guild insights (leaders interviews, inside life, etc…)
  • In-Game Economics (gold prices, key items prices, auctions, fashion market, mounts, mats market)
  • Game Tips

The blog is completly independent from Perfect World Enternainment.

This blog is not about making a merchant school to make money without ever spending a single $ on the game. We dont aim to create a world full of merchants, eventhough we help you develop your business to some extand. We give you good base to work on, the rest is to be done on your own.

If you want PWInsider to diplay the news from your server, then take your part in it and send a PM or an e-mail to Drakaniel (drakaniel.pwinsider@gmail.com) specifying the server you are on and the subjects you are interested in covering.

Hope you enjoy the blog and find it useful and confy ! 🙂


5 comments on “About PWInsider

  1. hey pwi insider,
    i was wondering what is going on with updating the RT server. it seems to me that there hasn’t been an update since i believe march. i know i play on that server [if you couldn’t tell by the name]
    but sometimes irl or playing on my main [i should say mains but that’s not important] pulls me away from the game to were i cant check gold prices on a daily or even weekly basis. it would be nice if there were an update or two so i could check and see was and is going on.

    thank you very much for what you have done so far,

    • Hi 🙂
      Well, the RT server hasn’t been updated because therre is no one to update it. I play on HT and it’s impossible for me to take care of my server + the whole blog…

      If someone is willing to take part in the blog covering the news for RT, everything is ready, you even have a permanent application form on the menu on the right of the blog. So if you know anyone interested in this kind of blogging, let them know.
      Meanwhile, we stick to the servers we can cover with the authors we have…

  2. hi i would definitly like to see some harshlands love like tw gold and market info

    • I’d love that too, but as I said each time, we need people to actually writte those news. I’m sure there are many out there, but nobody steps up.

  3. made this a while back – http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/image.php?u=42247509001&type=sigpic&dateline=1311458571

    Firgured I’d chare it :3

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