75 comments on “A solid opportunity

  1. are you seriously going to do 500-1000 dyes? cause it sounds really risky and I’m reluctant for some reason….

    • yes, for 2 reasons
      1) i have the capital, and nothing to do with it
      2) people tend to not buy dyes 1 at a time. Most items require like 10+ dyes and people want their sets to match, so its very reasonable to sell 30+ dyes in bulk, its not an item people usually buy 1 at a time. Most of my sales of a particular color last time, i sold out that color in one shot.

      it may be risky, but in all honestly, i make such a killing last time, i kicked myself for not doing more then
      lets be realistic, you have lots of people with all their endgame gear who blow a crapload on fashion

    • i dont think the markup on those is particularly great
      you can probably get a solid 10%, but i dont know how fast they sell, or how much competition there is
      the dyes require more patience, but i dont really feel they have a huge element of risk, as i found at worst, you sell for about 30% less then purchase price, and thats only for a few colors. Most of the dyes you sell from 0-30% profit on purchase price, but on about half a dozen colors, you can sell for 200%-700% of purchase price

      i feel that short of buying gold and then getting a huge pack sale, this is the best risk/reward payout around in the last few months

    • alright, so my next issue is how to price those pigments…should I keep them uniformly the same, with the exception of red/black/white of course, or should I price them like how you did it?

  2. my prices are by no means definite.I took half an hour or so, looked through all the dye merchants in south arch and west arch, wrote down the cheapest prices i found, and then matched or undercut.
    Those prices are just a very rough guideline, and i plan on walking around again, and adjusting my prices, based on what i see today.

    You can just sell at a level price for everything except the big 3, but you shortchange yourself there
    its worth doing a little research first, as you will have quite a few colors that you can get 500k+ on, and a few you wont even get 200k on

  3. Hey keep me updated on how your dye business is doing so far, i think i will start on it tomorrow

  4. I will also proceed to experiment on dyes in a similar manner: I bought 200 Hot Colors Packs and I’ve priced them in a manner that undercuts even the lowest price I observed in both catshops and AH. I’ll report back once I got some results.

  5. This is very interesting…

    I have a question about the rank sale, however. Will the rep badges be going off sale this coming week with the Medals and Chips? or will they stay?, seeing as this has not been specified in any sales announcement.

  6. DO NOT buy the random pigments x50 they are a complete waste, tried them 2 months ago and thats the biggest mistake I ever made lol, took over a day to even sell one, i eventually sold for a little over gold price to another merchant.

    Btw, why dont you guys try packs they selling like hotcakes on my server Sunshine and i made over 80k profit on 50 of those in the morning today when prices were high, usually at least 40k is the norm profit per pack and i sell about 400-600 depending on the day.

  7. nice market but so troublesome to manage…
    I suggest to check both AH and catshops; I found that for a lot of dyes AH prices are lower
    I put some dyes in AH lets see..

  8. You should check both ah and catshops, but another factor to check is bulk

    if everyone is pricing a color at 500k, and one catshop with 2 of them, or 1 in the ah is proced at 300k, then 300k is not the price to go by, its just one person trying to dump something they overbought, or the last of a color they want to dump

    dont let 1 severely underpriced source define your sales price, try to get a larger sample size, and see what is standard, then work off that

  9. Personally, before I even decided to definitively buy Hot Colors Packs, I went around and checked all prices on all dyes, marked the lowest selling price and the highest selling price. I then pretty much undercut everything by about 100k and so far it’s been good. Been about 19 hours since I started and I’ve sold 160 out of 200 Dyes. I’ve had my dyes in AH selling much better than those in my shop: I’ve sold maybe 20 Dyes in my shop and the rest in AH.

    As for pricing, I prioritized the 14 most expensive Dyes, undercutting 100k or so on each of them, with the remainder 18 Dyes being sold mostly for 100k or 200k a piece.

    • 160/200? that’s nice. so far i sold ~10 B/W, ~5 sapphire (catshop) and a few others in AH out of 100 (DW). i guess i should do more reasearch on prices and reduce mine even further.

  10. or just have patience
    i think the nature of the dye market is just that you have dry spells, and then you sell a lot at once. its not a steady everyday sales item, like packs, toekns, ect.
    but occasionally, you get a big spender who will buy a ton at once

    • yup I agree.
      one more issue: max auctions limit reached with 2 accounts XD (i sell dyes in packs of ~5)
      oh, and if u sort your inventory, they are sorted the way they are in AH so it’s quite convenient!

  11. well,after day 1, i have sold 90/400 dyes, for a total sales amount of 44,350,000
    while i am not surprised that the black sold out,i did have a few surprising sellouts
    sold out of bright green and lime green, usually a tough color ( thank you St. Paddy’s day ? )

    also sold out of aqua, purple, violet-red, plum, and 8 of 11 blues

  12. After having sold pretty well, I decided to restock another 200 Hot Colors Packs. This time, luck wasn’t on my side, as I got plenty of the lower priced dyes, but I’m still looking at ~10% profit overall assuming I sell them all. So far, I’ve been at this for 2 days and have sold 318 out of the 400 Dyes I bought, which I consider to be pretty good. I was originally expecting to take as long as until Sunday to sell even the original 200, but if I keep this up I might stock another 200+ Dyes.

    I also decided to move to selling only in AH for two purposes. Firstly because the sales which I made in the AH were drastically larger than the ones I made in my catshop. Secondly because I wish to test whether selling dyes only in AH would be a plausible option. As it is looking that way, it means I could stock on Hot Colors Packs and sell them in AH whilst selling other goods in a catshop.

      • Not quite as well as I had hoped. I still got 26 Dyes to sell, after which I would have 145,408,000 coins, whereas my initial investment was 125,766,000. The sales kinda rather sluggish so I had to cut prices, plus I had terrible luck on the second batch of 200 Dyes.

        So that’s a profit of 22,642,000 in the course of, hopefully 4 days, which really isn’t too bad considering that most of it is happening in the AH, making it a perfectly valid option as a side business for some catshopping. Which is what I wanted to know in the start.

        Now the next problem is getting that Gold back. Most likely due to the cheaper than before General Summer’s Sale, Sanctuary’s gold has hopped from the 1.35m region to 1.40m, which means that the 90 Gold I used would now cost me 128,520,000 instead of the aforementioned ~125.8m. Means the price of buying dyes has also gone up by the same ~5%.

        • hmm… gold is pricier on your server then mine, which does affect things, as i dont know if dye prices are any higher.
          instead of dumping most of your dyes for very cheap ( i believe you said 100-200k earlier ) i would raise the prices on those a bit
          the lowest i have sold anything is at 200k, and i am getting between 275-400k for most of the colors, only on about half a dozen am i taking below my cost

          • Oh, for this run I’m not really concerned with the profits I make, as without the dyes I would’ve been idling for the whole week. I was more concerned whether it would be possible to sell the dyes in AH and do it at a reasonable pace. The pricing I had was secondary. For example, I did not take any specific notes of which dyes I sold, which I could have used to readjust my prices to be according to popularity rather than the competition I observed.

            Also, instead of putting dyes in smaller batches, I’ve just been putting them in as they are, resulting in batch sizes between 1 and 14.

            For me, it was never about making the most profit here, it was just to see how well the dye market is when I’m deliberately not putting much effort into it, as I would prefer it as a secondary venture rather than a primary.

            Plus considering that I have no previous experience whatsoever with fashion or dyes, I’d say I’ve done pretty well.

            Overall I would consider this a successful experiment on my part, especially considering that the dyes have an even distribution instead of a sure-to-win one like that of Dragon’s Fire Packs.

  13. update: At the moment, i have sold 164/400 dyes
    because a lot of these were the bigger ticket dyes, i could stop right now, and walk away with a 7% profit
    based on the gold price of 1220k when i started ( which it has dropped a little, but my actual gold price was only 1160k ) my costs for 400 packs came out to 111,996,000. At the moment, i have sold dyes worth 119,400,000, for a new profit of 7,404,000

    not to shabby

      • I sold all of my dyes now. As for my actual profits, I’m not too sure as I didn’t keep an exact log, but looking at the amount of Gold I have, I’ve gained 40 Gold, plus I had total expenses of about 20m this week, so I’d say ~76m profit from selling 400 Dyes in 2 weeks. That would give me about 60% profit.

        I, too, have decided that unless next week’s sale is something spectacular, that I’ll be buying some 900ish Hot Colors Packs. The fact that the European servers get their sales before the maintenance occurs helps a lot in decisions like this.

  14. i notice quite a few people doing dyes this week on RT, a lot more then the prior week.
    hopefully a good sale will pull some of them away. Sales are definitely slower this week, bit they are still moving along nicely enough

    • There’s definitely more shops on Sanctuary as well, plus the competition is worse. For example, the lowest sale price on Blue Pigment plummeted from about 1.5m to 500k within these two weeks. However, my chart still shows that by undercutting everyone by 25-250k, I’d still be expecting ~40% profit. Of course, that number wavers quite a lot based on the actual dyes I get. But that certainly beats selling Packs at a 2-4% profit.

  15. I purchased 590 dyes, think that’ll be enough? Btw how do you guys open so many color packs numbered in the high hundreds???? Its gonna take me like an hour to open 590, is there a faster way???

    • 590 should be good enough, I was able to make a hefty profit on Sanctuary when I started out with 200.

      As for opening multiple packs, I personally just open them the normal way, but there’s the usual options. For example, by logging in two characters you can open at double the normal speed. Or you could give some of your Hot Colors Packs to friends or family members to open.

      Also: I’m doing extremely well, I invested roughly 300m into the Dyes and I’m expecting to end up with 450m and I’ve already sold 290m worth of Dyes within the first few hours.

  16. perfect chests this week, a good investment chance here
    i dont know how well they sell for this week, but at least on RT historically, they will sell for 600k+ after the sale

    at a cost of about 490k on RT right now, its a solid place to sink your dye profits into

  17. as for my investments, i invested 360 mill about
    i have recouped 350 mill to date, and am looking at total sales of about 650m if everything works out well
    that being said, i am sure i will cut down prices towards the end, but 550-600m works well too

  18. so I ended up with 23 whites, 25 blacks, and 27 reds out of 590 color packs opened. Finally, some luck -_-

    now I just need some luck selling them all lol…

  19. Nice going BlueJays lol, so first off I tried about 560 packs and profit of about 100-125M and as soon as I saw you guys buying more dyes, I said why not, I tried to sell all my packs on the last day and I did I invested about 280m in dyes now and expect 450M in the end. That’s some hefty profit lol

    Just hope to sell them fast enough, before I was averaging about 50m worth dyes/ per 24 Hrs and well when I was opening I sold more than half my whites already and 100M worth dyes sold in <24 Hr.
    I would say I'm doing mindblowing but then again I'm on HT, the gold is 1.5m where as you guys have 1.2M but then again I see less shops in the dye market after the first couple days so I expect good profit.

  20. Thnx. Gold on lc is around 1.38 to 1.4. Question though, is it better to sell dyes in catshops or AH?? It seem like a good idea to do AH based on olba’s report, but when you have 30 dyes for a color, how do you parcel it in a way thats not time consuming? It would be ridiculous to do it one at a time i think…

  21. i do 2 catshops, as ah bites of 5% of your sales price, but the junkier dyes you can do in ah, more expensive do in catshop, or ah it all and merch something else

  22. ok so I still got a ton of dyes to get rid of at the moment, AH seemingly sells better than catshop at times. I only put in the crap colors. I’m saving the Red/White/Black when the majority of other dyes are gone.

    Does anyone know what are the usual unpopular colors? A list would be nice; I’m assuming colors like brown, green, lime, copper are the unpopular types. What about colors in between like JADE? Magenta? Turquoise? damn…

    Has anyone tried the Perfect Chests market? I’m kind of reluctant to try it out…

    • Don’t know a lot about Dyes ,But Perfect Chest are selling well on Arch server am able to sell 200 Chest a day and probably more if i have the money…at the 1st 2 days i was selling at 20% mark up
      Cause most of other merchant were still stick with there easy rider packs ,but now profit went down to 6% QQ…

    • There really isn’t any colors that consistently sell badly. For example, in my first batch Light Yellow was a scrap dye, but in my last one someone bought out every single one of them and asked if I had more. And really, if you’re willing to sell low enough, anything will sell decently.

      As for the Perfect Chests, I’ve tried them and I managed to sneak into the market, currently making about 2% profit and I’m selling several hundred per day. I’ll probably put most of my capital into those assuming we get another mediocre sale next week.

  23. dyes are moving bit slower for me right now
    not moving many chests, as they are just a throw in on my dye shops, but i plan on stocking those before the end of the sale

  24. I am looking at the black and white dye sales and thinking, OH WHY GOD WHY U CUTTING MY PROFITS!!!

      • At least on Sanctuary, the price would be about 2.5m a piece, whereas at least personally I sold mine for less than that.

        Though most of the other dye shops I’ve seen have them for 3m+.

  25. guys this is retarded, I havent sold a single dye in AH for like 2 days, wtf?! D:

    and dont even get me started on catshops lol my prices are like 275k so low

    • Every time I sold dyes, I ended up selling the remainders for 100k each. Granted, you make losses on those, but the wins you make should cover it. For example in my case, about the most expensive 14 Dyes always covered the expenses and sometimes gave some profit, thus enabling me to sell the remaining 18 at ridiculously low prices and end up with considerable profits.

  26. Hey guys what have you been up to last week and what are you going to merchant with this week 😀
    D.orbs did the work for me last week , i found a guy ready to sell D.orbs 1* @ 100K & 2* @ 200K xD
    bought all i could from him combined to 5* & sold for 35% profit 🙂

  27. i think that it doesnt really matter how low you sell or what colour; it’s jsut waiting till someone wants that colour.

    any idea if is tishas/tien worth stocking on? o.o

  28. Strongly suspect +10 D. Orbs go on sale next week. Had 8 in my inventory from the December sale and had to hold on to them until the sale ended as there was little profit. Sold my last 3 yesterday making 50% profit. With the slew of crappy sales since, I’ve been buying/selling +1 to +5 orbs for 15% profit. Not the 30%, 40%, or 50% profit but I filter a few hundred per week through my shop and been exchanging it for gold.

    The unanswered question I have are +11 & +12 orbs. I know they are “suppose” to never return to the boutique and I know that crafting one would require a significant investment (+11 = 204 million and +12 = 346 million my cost). Would it be worth it? Is there enough R9+10 out there with enough free coin?

  29. buyers would be few and far between
    you can try a world chat auction before you make it, and then decide if it is orth it or not to make, but i would not make it first, you may be stuck with it for a while

    • April 2011, 1*,5*, and 10* went on sale. I’ve been low balling my server buying 1* anticipating the sale. I’m counting on players stuck with D.Orbs from last December’s sale and 3.5 months of weak boutique sales wanting to dump their inventory so they have some liquid assets to buy gold and re-invest in the next boutique sale on Tuesdays. Whether they go on sale or not won’t matter, I look to make 62 mill (30%) on my current inventory. I’m hoping they do because it will be another wave of worthless Orbs players will be stuck with that I can buy.

  30. if its like 40+ gold for a +10 like lasttime, it wont be much help at all
    updated my spreadsheets, moved quite a bit off the off colors this past week, i am almost done with this whole thing, and very happy with the outcome

  31. I have about under 80 colors left from 590 originally. red all sold, 5 white, 16 blacks left. All in all, its been a learning and profitable experience, but unsure of overall profits but im sure i made a killing. Anybody here want to post up their final stats?

    • here is my current tally:

      Hot Color Packs Purchased : 1300
      Cost: 359,860,000

      Dyes Currently Sold: 1023
      Sales: 514,415,000

      Net Profits : approx 155 million

      and i can push that up a bit when i sell the rest

  32. for some reason yesteday people were buying like crazy. sold most of of my stock (~1500 packs i think). no idea what my profits are cause i spend a lot on my sin xD

    any reviews on cosmic packs? sounds like a good pack to invest some gold when it leaves the shop

    • At least right now, Cosmic Packs are selling better than WIldlives or Easy Riders did last week. I’ve sold over 300 Cosmic Packs today in comparison to 17 WIldlives. I averaged about 100 Easy Riders a day last week.

      • mmm DW is a bit slower. made a huge mistake though, bought the packs on the catshop and now i cannot use the pills XD i think i’ll just merch packs with minimal profit for the pills

    • I’ve use the stats from PWI database to list which packs have the highest percentage of getting something other than Tokens of Luck. Cosmic Packs tops the list at a 2.025%. The problem I have with packs is they offer minimum profit until they leave the boutique, maybe 10% if I’m lucky. For the amount of coin tied up in packs I’m better off buying/reselling more popular items making 2-3 times the profit.

  33. Raging Tide:
    Sold of all my stock of Dragon Orbs and made my profit. Either the supply as dried up or people are being stingy about selling them. The supply that is out there cost too much to flip. Now I’m stuck, 200g and 185m and not a damn thing to invest in.

    Please PWI give me something good this Tuesday.

      • I’ve been focusing on D. Orbs since December’s sale making 7% profit. Flipping D. Orbs and profits increased to 17%. After several weeks of weak boutique sales I guessed that players would be looking to unload their D. Orbs to free up coin, especially since I was undercutting them by 10k-20k. I made 30% profit off of those.

        By the way, when I say ‘flip’ I mean to buy +1 orbs from players so I can repackage them (aka combine) and resell as +4 to +6 orbs. My magic number for buying +1 orbs is 148k each and I won’t go over that amount. Anything over will put me into single digit profit and I have set a personal profit target of 30%.

        Currently D. Orbs are selling 160k +/- 5k and that would be my cost if I bought through the boutique during a sale and it’s not really worth it.

  34. In order to get D.Orbs for 160k +/-5k each the gold price has to be around 1.200mil and below. What kind of a messed up market you have over there? Lost City is friggin 1.380milish right now and you’re having that low of gold prices?! WTF LOL

    • My guess is TM_N is actually buying orbs from other players, rather than buying from the Boutique. Also, if you took advantage of the Golden Egg sale, you could have gotten 1* Orbs for around 140,000 a piece. For example, none of the shops near the Jewelcraftsman in West Archosaur on Sanctuary are currently buying 1* Orbs, so it would be very easy to go there and try to buy them.

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