2 comments on “Map Result 3/10/12

  1. A few of former Enrage joined RoC, the majority has moved to Karma now.

    Honestly, Karma didn’t win against Radiance…. Radiance tried a new kind of strategy and that wasn’t successful, and therefore lost because that’s the cost of experiments.
    Karma should not expect such easy fights in the future, as Radiance will straghten their stuff up and won’t loose that easily next time.

  2. Thanks for this great overview, one thing that i may add is that the reason why TERRORIST is against Conquer is because they placed about 6 spies in TERRO. SligStorm may have left due to finding out 1 of the spies and telling the info to TotalNutz, but again, thanks for this overview, shows what I’ve been missing while my client got corrupted xD

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