30 comments on “What happened to the sales ?

  1. Gold price soared to 1.390mil in lost city, but it should go down after today…was sitting on 370ish gold, thought it was too late for me to get cheap gold yesterday cuz I thought it was d orb sale….good thing is that I still got a ton of cash to be flexible with.

    Still doing Packs, regret not stacking on Tigers, now it’s replaced with Coral…sigh
    and a bit of rep sale here and there…

    Situation is looking very dire for merchs….so PW must and I seriously mean must release d orb sale next week, there’s like nothing else new for this frickin long

  2. The sales might’ve been disappointing, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t done things.

    During this 2x drops week, I more than doubled my funds, as I went from 84 Gold before maintenance to 146 Gold on Tuesday evening, plus I spent 39m on a Heaven Shatterer. And the only reason for that was because I went through the week selling packs at a ridiculous profit (~7% or 40k each pack) completely undisturbed until Sunday evening and even then I was able to lower my cut so low that the single competitor gave up after half a day. In terms of actual sales, the best I counted was selling about 900 packs during a single 24 hour period.

    This week, there’s some competition and it’ll most likely get worse as the 2x gets taken away, but I don’t mind as last week pretty much allowed me to reach my goal.

  3. The post 2x drops effects are showing as 6 other merchants popped up beside me selling packs, jesus christ.

    Why would ppl decide to merch now when clearly business is alot stronger during 2x as a merchant?

    • Same here,

      Due to recent expansion and the new gear I expected a d.orb sale… *sigh*
      Sitting on 600gold is frustrating with these gold prices… I turn most of my merch in gold due to gold prices, so life is boring now…

  4. same.
    i just decided to buy some of my gear now, so i am a little lower on gold, but now i need a orb sale to refine the gears… hopefully i break even overall, but i am approaching level 100, its time to spend 🙂

  5. You guys do realize that you dont necessarily need to hold 550-600gold and pray that the jackpot sale is right around the corner.

    The whole point of merchanting is to secure cheap supply and unload them quickly and in large volumes. Its much more profitable to at least merchant a substantial portion of that gold before restocking for tuesday night. Make that gold work for you, dont let it sit idlely

    • I know, but I was counting on a sky high explosive gold rate due to orb sales… Normally (and still) I also merch event stuff… Gives nice returns and the pace of buying selling is nice.

  6. i am still trying to sell off my Dyes
    i am doing some packs as well, but in truth, i dont see any investments out there i want to make, or anything i can move quickly at a profit

    • try and adjust and compete in terms of pricing in order to move your products faster, generally the most high yield results come from pack and especially rep badges. Profit is Profit by the end of the day.

      Black/White/Red dyes could potentially move fast if you try lowering the price…but I’m not an expert in that market so good luck, as I need luck too to move mine.

  7. i dont know what server you play, but pack margins here are razor thin, i cant really drop them anymore
    problem is i also bought a lot of my gold at prices above the current market, so i will lose if i use that gold to buy stuff now

    • Lost city, 2% profit rate or a lil bit less in decimals, but it’s still ok in my opinion. Profit than nothing.

      yea you’re in a predicament there bud…

  8. Who here is predicting a possible Sunshine Pack + Reset Note Sale tonight??

    I am. And I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

    • i bought gold at 1.3m with the fee , so that’s about 175500 for each orb , so if sell at 190K (8% profit) do think people will buy at this price?? ,, i never did Orbs before so i have no idea about them :\

    • Maybe its too soon but in dreamweaver i see *poor* catshops,
      i dont think ppl like the sale,they try to sell the 1* orbs with profit 3-5% and they dont bother with 10*
      well we will see until tomorrow

  9. Depends on wat server, scope of ur competition.

    Wat server do u merch in?

    I was right in calling the reset notes on sale lol

  10. the prices are mediocre, that is for sure
    however, i know on RT the total sum of dorb+1 available was a few hundred on a couple of merchants, so i expect there is still profit to be made
    +10’s were virtually non existent.

    i dont know how much we can mark things up with this sale, but i expect there are profits out there

  11. I sold like 300+ d.orb1*’s while I was the sole merchant there, it was pretty good, except other catshops sold 4-6*’s, they hardly moved. While I took a side deal with someone in WC for cheaper 6*, still profited.

    Turns out that 5* orbs can be profitable as one of the catshop sold 4-5 of them today, probably made 13-15mil profit.

    Packs sold pretty well for me considering that there’s 6 other shops nearby, however I undercut them by 15k at 635k and no one has matched me all day. Sold 263 packs. Made some profit.

    Not a bad day considering the fact that ppl didnt compete with me on the goods I was selling.

    • not much to update, but i will do a new thread tomorrow when the new sales come out, hopefully something interesting

      on a happy note, i managed to take all the gold i bought at 1350k each in january, convert it to items, sell them at a small loss ( based on if i purchased them at 1350k per gold ) and now re bought gold at 1150k, so i am in position to do something nice ( unless gold drops to 1 mill, then i am screwed 😛 )

  12. Well I was doing fine with rep badges and decided to move into sunshine packs. Can’t even sell them for less than 1% mark up……. (even when undercutting all competitors)

    • not always worth it to undercut everyone, not everyone searches for the rock bottom offer
      i am not focusing much on packs now, so only moving a little bit, but even at a 10k markup, if you move 200 a day, its 2 mill in profit
      over a week, its 14 million profit, which is nothing to sneeze at

      • Well, as I previously noted, Sunshines really are crappy. It took me 3 days to sell 200 of them at ~1% profit, which is especially whacky considering that I did much better at selling Tempest Packs the previous week, even though my prices were over 100,000 coins higher per pack. So, I decided that I’d take a break this week. Now got a stack of 173.1 Gold and hoping for something decent to good-ish next week.

  13. That’s good info about sunshines. Wont bother with them again. I’ve finally sold nearly 100 but with very little profit. Rep badges were much better.

  14. Although i agree that sunshines were terrible, dragon orbs were even worse for a long time in lost city; Competition for orbs died down. Iuckily i only have 27 sunshines to move when the bonus zen just arrived or else i would be stuck with a larger stock…

    Im predicting a return of tiger packs and maybe removal of rep sale

  15. So they made medals and chips cheaper….but it’s very interesting as to how PW claims that they will be off sale indefinitely after this one….hmmmmm

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