22 comments on “Sales 2/8-2/15

  1. Try to sell off all these packs and unload gold bought at higher prices, gold sunk to 1.35mil avg, maybe the lowest before expansion is upon us.

  2. well i did what you guyz told me n kept selling rep until i had enough capital to work with pack, but seems selling packs wasn’t made for me :\ , i was selling at 5% mark up n hardly selling 100 pack a day QQ, Dunno if it was me or my dead server.. but reps doing pretty well atm, so ill sell all i got n stack some gold before the expansion come..

  3. I have been stocking up on gold, before the expansion.
    In the hope of Gold prices rising high due to boutique demand.

    Let’s hope Im right…

  4. I can’t believe gold dropped to 1.333mil this is insane.

    hopefully this is as low as it gets as I’ve been paying too much for gold.

    • Sanctuary is down to a steady 1.3/1.4 (b/s) so I bought the last bit of gold I could with my savings… D.orbs ftw! *crosses fingers*

    • it started lower ? 0.o

      Rt has always been on the low end from what i have seen
      i to am draining the last of my cash reserves for gold now… we are due for a dorb sale soon

  5. I’m in trouble of getting golds!! still too much cash reserve on my end!!
    Been selling too much of that packs which is surprisingly making a turnaround, presumably due to the 2x drops that’s generating an influx of coins into the economy.

    What is the likelihood of a d.orb sale?

    • I would say we’re going to get Dragon Orbs or Account Stash/Inventory Stone/Safe Stone.

      I had a pretty good week, went from 84 gold to 144 Gold plus bought myself a Heaven Shatterer. I was able to sell packs at ~7% profit without anyone trying to compete me almost all week. I probably would’ve gotten even farther if I hadn’t bought said Heaven Shatterer or bought my 657 Tome Fragments recently.

      Current plan is to see what happens next week. Probably just going to merchant as much as I can. Hoping for Tokens to drop in prices soon so that I could buy the 17,520 Tokens required for Pan Gu, Creator.

      Being a 100% F2P merchant is rather fun, though a bit boring. Seeing all the money I make with minimal effort kinda makes it really hard to start farming during 2x. This week, I pretty much did a single 99 keys and then maybe 10 other runs total.

      • my main is 98, so i dont farm much, but i admit, the possibility of a few raps a day just not motivate me to get out there ( even if i could )
        as for token, they dropped from a high of over 13k on Rt to around 11k-11.5k right now, so i dont see those prices as being crazy

        i am still trying to move the dyes i stocked up on…. large profit margins, but they move slowly

      • no competition?? damn that’s friggin sweet, it’s like a pipe dream.

        and you gained 60 gold? that’s ridiculous profit margin, like an increase of 75mil+ at least! I probably made only a quarter of yours (due to competition and that I dont put up shop overnight)

  6. your to rich, its not my fault
    i would say better then average on dorbs, but pwi has been kinda unpredictable recently
    nothing big in almost 2 months, which is unusual

    that being said, with the new gears from the expansion, a dorb sale makes sense

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