7 comments on “Sales, February 1st

  1. This is extremely frustrating as PWI is refusing to dish out major sales involving deeper discounts than 50% on packs. I’m experiencing slow sales in everything I tried, rep sale hardly moves any volume, black/white pigments and packs the same as well, and chips are pratically anemic.

    gold is dropping however.

  2. I decided to keep going with packs, mostly out of habit. The last time I tried selling rep, it sold so well I had people PMing my main to ask where the heck my catshop was, but now that my funds far exceed what I could put into a catshop, it’s not really worth the hassle.

    As for pigments, I kinda figure the Hot Colors Sale has left people with enough blacks and whites to compete, so I’d rather not dwell into that market, especially since most of the people there probably aren’t seasoned merchants, meaning they’d be more willing to cut lower.

    • with black and whites, during the sale i dont expect much profit
      if you have the capital though, i thinks it smart to invest in a little long term

      until pwi gives us a big sale, it may be the best investment out there, and itso only a 1 week sale. which is good

  3. what are people’s predictions on next tuesday sale? Frankie did mention major content coming soon and that PWI people are working like mad….could it be a “new” pack?

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