11 comments on “pwiHM Intro

  1. 10,000 gold!? that’s an insane amount, probably enough to monopolize the market!! What’s your primary means of making business?

    • I haven’t made many posts recently because all I’m doing on PWI is buying gold non-stop.
      To address your question: when I have high purchasing power I feel it’s better to spread out my investments. Each sale will eventually come back; the goal is to sell all your investments during gold deflation before the sale comes back. Some merchants invest in stock that lasts 1 week, others go for 2 months. After I am finally finished cashing out on my investments, I can post a screenshot my investments going out of winter sales, just to give people an idea of how i spread out my investments

  2. i am curious as to what your gonna show, as i kinda feel your claims are to good to be true.
    i dont see how buying gold makes you to busy to post.
    that being said, i do hope you prove me wrong, and blow me away by your merchanting methods, so i look forward to your next post

  3. I’ve recently cleared out most of my products have converted them into gold. More educational posts will be coming soon this week. For now, I can reveal some of my investments. I have no plans to reveal my personal investment pathways in the future, and I won’t post such things again.


    From the above screen shot, you can see I have AT LEAST invested in 25,000 packs. This is just a sample of my wealth– with other assets on various alts. Dorbs fill up many of my other characters, and I did not see a point to screen shot those (anyone can have a full inventory of 1*s or Rep).

    When you ask if Packs are my primary source of income, I would say: no. I invest in everything except fashion. Packs are what I consider highly liquidable. I only invest in packs because I can’t sell my primary sources of profit fast enough. The profit margin for packs are lower than all other markets on Sanctuary.

    What I do is invest in each of the profitable markets: Dorb, Rank, Inventory, and buy enough stock to last for one month. After that, I take whatever gold I have left and invest it into packs.

    PS Pack merchants: Did you know?
    When you buy more then 9999 of a certain pack, you need to make sure you have enough inventory space to start a new stack.

    • Warren left out the last part of the guide managing the capital, I think your guide will finish where he left out.

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