12 comments on “An Underappreciated Merchanting Opportunity

  1. REALLY?! holy crap that’s pretty damn good considering that it’s just dyes, it never struck me as a big market to tap into….but thanks for the revelation, should’ve done something about it at the very least.

    A big deterrent for me was the amount of competition, it was soooo flooded in LC

  2. i admit, i was scared that i was tossing away money, but it worked
    price everything out first, including your costs, and how much you expect to sell each dye for
    do the math, see if it works
    its slow, but at least for me, i was very happy

    • figure out how much you end up paying per dye, and see what the dyes sell for
      i took the lowest price i found on each dye, added it together, and divided by 32. Then i saw that the average price i should get for them, and decided if it was worth the investment.
      I saw that assuming i get the expected drop rate from the pack, i would be making about 60%, based on me selling a little bit lower then the lowest price i found. Even with bad luck on the good colors, i had assume a 30-40% profit. Only then did i actually purchase the hot color packs. With a new market, i did quite a bit of homework first before investing.
      Excel spreadsheets are your friend 🙂

  3. oh yea then I know what you mean, to find the lowest price at cutoff point just to break even of course.

    I’m pretty noob at excel spreadsheet, is there a template here?

  4. This was actually my first venture into merchanting and I found it was by far one of the best choices i could have made. I began half-way through the first week of the dye sale with 3m coins. With little competition in the first week of the sale and drastic undercutting I was able to quickly turnover all my stock and make amazing profits. By the end of the Dye Sale I had accumulated a net worth of 250m.
    A mere 247m profit for taking a small risk, I think it was worth it. Always keep an eye out for 2 week sales, generally there is more competition in the 2nd week so get in quickly. If you sell for much less than your competitors, you will turnover stock quickly and in the end you will have made more profit (as long as you have the time to continually restock).

  5. you chose a good week
    for most merchants working in big amounts, dyes are not worth it, to much opening packs, which is time your cant sell stuff, and to many items, they cant fit in 1 cat shop. Most major merchants spent these past 2 weeks buying gold, which opens the door to newer merchants like yourself. It also made gold cheaper, which helps make your profits that much larger, because things like dyes generally stay at the same price, regardless of gold price.
    therefore, your making much more when gold is at 1.3m the at 1.6m, because you generally would not be able to raise dyes prices to match gold prices.
    that being said, your profits are spectacular, congratz to you. I know wish i spend more time and gold on it, instead of just doing it as a side merch on a second account

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