24 comments on “A quiet start to 2012

  1. me personally mmm, mostly dealing with reputation and subs in 1 shop and refining aids and mirages in the other i pulled in ~650mil in profits for the month of December. and have enough in stock to pull in another 400 or so over the next 1-2 weeks if all goes well. hopefully i can sell off enough of it to stock up on gold before they put another massive sale in. fortunately on sanctuary, randomly at ~8-9pm server time gold dropped from the 2/2.1m it was steady at for the last 3 days down to 1.94m so i managed to stock up my last reserve a little cheaper than a bunch of other people i think. or i could just be way off and not know it lol.

    • ofc with all my gear having been finnished for over a year now, all those profits are going right back into making my shop bigger but trying to figure out what to do next mmmm. >.< too much stuff to fit in 2 shops but dont want to get banned for running more than 2 clients like a friend of mine was. 1st offence and they got 3 months x.x

  2. I mostly focused on packs and a bit of 1 star D. Orbs until I realized how slow the D.Orbs were moving mainly because of the fact that it was on sale during November (market being too saturated with it), so I ended up dumping all my coins into gold and selling packs exclusively. Unfortunately, I only managed to pull in a meagre 350mil+ profit in December. However, it was the first time I’ve truly exercised the merchanting techniques that were promoted by WarrenWolfy. Considering the competition, gold prices, and relative inexperience, I think I did ok. But now that I predicted correctly with the abrupt end to the mass sales, I’m in a position to make 250mil in profit.

    Thanks Wolfy!!

  3. I don’t know, I can’t never keep track of how much profit I made, because I am actively buying and selling at same time, and I have large volume, I only keep track of my inventory in an excel sheet. Ever since I put them in excel sheet, keeping track of them is like a cake, along with some auto calculations there.

  4. Can I get some advise as to what to do right now? I’m nearing the end of my stockpiled packs and probably wont last another day. I think it’s best to buy as much cheap gold as possible right? But what I like to know is some educated predictions on the next sale, what could it possibly be? Orbs? Tiger Packs? Rep? I have no ideaaaaaaa!!

    • stockpiling gold is a good idea now
      another area to look at is dragon fire packs
      you have to do some math,but depending on the price of dorb+1 on your server, and the price of gold, you can sometimes make a strong profit opening those

  5. To hell with opening the dragon fire packs. I’ve made over 47mil profit in 5 hours just selling the packs themselves.

    • granted, that works as well 🙂

      however, i like opening packs, the chance for the +12 orb is addicting
      and since i wont lose money either way, i do it, but both work nicely

      • I’d just prefer not to gamble and be 100% sure I’m making profit, but that’s just my personal preference from my previous experiences.

        • I experimented with opening them and the results I got were terrible. I opened ~200 of them, that’s not a lot for me so dw lol, and I got 388 1* orbs, 8 2* orbs, 3 3* orbs, and 1 5* orb. Based on this, I’d prefer to just sell the packs themselves since, atm, I’ll be selling the 1* orbs at a 20k loss, since 135k / 1* is overpriced atm, but the remaining 2*;3*; and 5* orbs will make up for that loss and I’d get ~5mil profit, whereas if I sold the packs themselves for ~20% mark-up, and they still completely vanish at that mark-up for now, I would have gotten ~12mil profit.

          • 200 is a small sample size, and you do have to do the math based on gold prices and orb prices
            for me, on RT, even with awful luck, i break even
            with good luck, i get that 20% profit, and with great luck, i will get a +12 orb and make out like a bandit
            also, i found that i can make another 5% just making my +1 orbs to +5 orbs, people are to lazy to combine/do the math themselves

            but each way is a viable method of making money, it just depends on your preference

  6. I’m guessing you’d need sample sizes of 1k or higher of them then. I’d rather be safe and just sell the 1k of them instead of gambling. IMO, it’s a much more steady and safe way to just sell them since the majority of the server on LC likes to gamble, from what I’ve noticed selling all sorts of packs.

  7. in hindsight, your idea was better, as in about 800 packs, i fell quite short of the odds that pwdatabase says.
    Luckily for me, the packs went off sale, and 2-5* orbs went into the boutique at awful prices, so it drove the price of orbs up enough to put me in the black

  8. I’m just glad that I predicted correctly with the dragon fire packs going off-sale. I stockpiled 1500 of them so I can’t wait. Although, I did make the mistake of experimenting with making 1-7* orbs before this sale from a couple of my 1* orbs to see if they would sell. So far, only the 6* and 7* I made have sold out. Can’t be right all the time.

    • I will say, though, that it’s pretty funny that you can claim a price tag on an item and everyone will try to undercut it near that price. I experimented with this and overwhelmingly overpriced my dragon fire packs, 50% profit to start since I was the only 1 there, and when other merchants began to take note of my success, they dropped their dragon fire pack prices to only 45% profit. I waited a little bit, then bought 2k of them and sold them for 20% profit right under their noses. I will say though that this tactic is very handy if you want to make a large amount of profit, but I think it only works if:
      A. you’re the only 1 selling it during the sale
      B. at the beginning of the sale.

  9. Whats everyone’s take on the new atrocious sale that came out yesterday with the fashion and overpriced orbs? I did not expect that pw would take out the charms, dragon fire packs, and 10 star orbs so I was caught off guard….however I did stockpile nearly 600 gold at 1.500mil each and mostly less than that #… Do you guys believe that gold prices will drop by a large margin now that all those aforementioned items are removed? Will it drop to, say, between 1.2 – 1.3mil for gold?

    • not sure what server you are on, but i suspect gold will drop across all servers

      there is simply nothing for a merchant to buy this week, and merchants tend to drive the gold prices

      • It’s lost city for me lol and it’s hovering around 1.5mil still I believe.

        Yes I do agree with u on that merchants driving gold prices, however, merchants can only purchase so much gold at 1.5mil or a bit less until they should realize by now that there’s like nothing that will keep that price buoyant. Gold price must go waaaaaay down by next Tuesday, I think merchants on lost city will wait for it to go down a bit more before stocking up cheaply.

        • For some reason gold price is still hovering at the same price as during the Dragon’s Fire Pack sale. It’s really starting to bother me, cos I gotta decide whether I’m gonna buy the gold now (not really cheap) or pray it’ll drop over the weekend, or hope for another week without any useful sales… There are actually buy orders of 100+ gold still at 1.45 mil, are these people this addicted to fashion?

          • well the highest buy order was 1.4mil sometimes, in large quantities cuz I think it’s a major merchant who’s trying to get quick gold intermittenly. Otherwise, the highest gold buys are usually 1.377mil. It was 1.350mil when this poor sale came on initially. Fashion doesn’t do anything to raise gold prices. Time to stock up cheap gold 😉

  10. rep sale ugh, i think im one of the lucky ones that managed to sell out my rep stockpile, but anyone here get caught with a stockpile leftover they wont be able to sell now?

  11. well, this rep is a little more pricey then the last sale, so even with the lower gold prices, im not sure how much the actual price per rep/chip comes out

    i rarely deal with rep, since the badges only stack in 100’s, but im going to do some chips this week, simply because of the lack of options

    on a side not, i did do dyes with an alt last week, and they are pretty nice profit
    even selling most dyes at or slightly below cost, the black/white/red + a few others sell nicely, and when i sell out, i hope to turn a 50% profit on them

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