5 comments on “Black Friday Sales

  1. well sure – times were hard and the sales werent that good.
    i started merchanting, when1+ dragonorbs were the first time on sale and it makes me a 15million profit, which i think its ok. but then theprices sank and itbecame hard to sell them. Even those cosmic packs hold up long time on good prices …
    but hey, the good thing on Mormagannon was, the gld prices ran down *g* i don`t know when i see gold prices on buy @870k the last time, but it was a quite good time to get some gold. and when this very nice black-friday-sale came out, the goldprice rices up to 1,2million – so for me i sold the gold and safe some time and get some cash to buy all this very cheap dragon orbs for using or reselling them later. maybe time changes again, but we will see

  2. Well at monday i made 160 mil profit, and on tuesday it already dropped to 55 mil. so i guess the crazy is fading quickly at harshland.. still hoping it will increase a bit again, since this sale is good for merchants.. if you anticipated it or had gold reserved for sales like this.

    • that is true
      day one netted me great profits, yesterday was decent, but not mind blowing, mainly because gold jumped 250k since the sale started
      however, it still is generating nice day to day sales, and sets up well as a long term investment opportunity

  3. OK, the last 2 sales from PWE have almost completely killed merchanting since packs went on sale in stacks of 100.
    Have you guys the same on other servers, or is it just Harshlands?

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