3 comments on “PWE new sales strategy conspiracy

  1. maybe its just dependent on the server and at what time you go to look. on sanctuary i closed my rep shop down for a while cause there was too many competitors and price had dropped a ton. but it seems a lot of others did the same and i reset up my shop but with limited supply. and its gone from 27 gold to almost 70 gold in 4 days. though other competitors have started showing up again >.<

  2. lol Drake, that is when I saw you xD

    I have been making money only using Rep Sale on HT server and I stopped when you pitched in, since I saw the rep market falling completely. At first, when the rep sale started, I had bought about 50 gold (that was my lucky day cuz I read Warren’s guide for the first time). Right next day gold went from 1.3 to 1.6mil, so I bought as much rep and sold for 14k ea. And I sold out all in <10 minutes LOL. So, ever since I have been in that market but after the first day I have never made more than 5-7% and the last couple weeks <5%. And to top it all, every week a random guy comes in and puts 3000 badges for 10.5k ea which is less than gold price. I buy him out as much as I can but then again I have either have gold or rep so I can barely buy his.

    But yeah, I totaly agree with you on this topic. The D.orb's and Rep are completed fail in HT server atm.

    I say buy as much gold as you can while prices are down to 1.24m/gold.

    • Btw, I didn’t think the market would fall because of you lol ( it seems I kinda wrote it that way). But since last wednesday rep just hasn’t been that profitable and I wanted to be 3.33 badly so I was like “Screw this” lol

      Also, you save rep sale barely makes you anything, well I can only imagine how much you have made ;p (Give me your claws ;O)

      I hadn’t seen more than 20mil in PWI and even this lilttle profit that I made from rep has given me enough to afford aps/TT99 (I never thought I would be able to get it)

      So, in the end, I’m still a happy merchant but I would have been happier (ofc) if profits were higher. Oh, and Im definitely looking forward to your Stock Exchange. I’m always in need of cash to grow my supply since ppl know me as market breaker, I’m always sold out lol so if ppl invest then I can reach my true potential.

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