12 comments on “Stock exchange and merchants

    • To be really honest, the system has 2 phases.
      What I just presented is phase 1, with basic company-like behaviors.

      Phase 2 is still a work in progress but basically it’ll mimic the stock exchange market, allowing long-term investment as well as short term trading.

    • The idea is not to have just anybody to be a “verified merchant”.
      There will be an application form to fill, that will be reviewed, interviewed and you’ll be added (or not) to a dedicated guild on your server.

      As an exemple of the form questions, you’ll be asked to provide SS of your IG wallet and/or gold balance to prove your merchanting success.

      The application form is coming soon, I’m still working on it (and I want the best merchants possible, so the investors can trust).

      Be sure to check the dedicated blog : pwistockexchange.wordpress.com

      • hey, this is really a fascinating idea πŸ˜€ I was thinking along the lines of this but didn’t really know how to put it out and you beat I will apply as soon as you have the application out. Just one question.

        You said that as an example we might have to provide SS of our IG wallet and/or gold balance to prove our success.But what if you barely have any coins/gold left and with all the profit you bought armor/wep. Well, I started merchanting through Warren’s guide πŸ˜€ about 2 months ago with 20mil on me. And had a goal of 3.33 aps and now I had 200mil which I spent yesterday to gear up my barb and switch to aps. Now, only have about 10mil left.

        Oh and also Drak, I saw you near the rep shops and I was pming you like crazy lol on my merchanting alt but you were afk 😦

        • LOL Synergy ! You probably got my awesome AFK reply “BRB playing AC 4. U mad ?” πŸ˜†

          To be honest guys, I’m working more in depth on this idea. As I don’t want anything to slip up when the thing is actually launched for real.
          Though, I’m looking for mates to developp the system, so if you’re interested, send me a mail at : drakaniel.pwinsider@gmail.com

          I don’t NEED help, but it will sure be appreciated making this system flawless and profitable to everyone.

  1. Ive been doing something like this already but just between my friends allowing them to put their money into one or more of my cat shops i have set up but ended up being too complicated for me to try to run it on a larger scale. there ends up being way too many people that wouldn’t trust you or might think your taking advantage of them. will be interesting to see how this pans out.

    • Oh yeah I hear you when you say people think you’re going to take advantage of them… I remember when I organised the lottery… Made me sad to see how scammers broke a whole possible part of the game.

      Anyway, I think what is good about this is that PWInsider is something that is know pretty well-known right now, so people will have a tendency to trust more.
      And honestly… I afforded a full R9 armor and refined it +10 only with the money I earned from merchanting. I mean, I’m wealthy enough with what I have right now, so I don’t need to steal.

      The whole idea of the system is to allow everybody to at least earn a bit of money to pay for basic things, like charms, and maybe build enough capital to enter the merchanting market (better join the PWInsider guild).
      Of course I’ll take a tiny percentage of what I sell, but I’m not going to earn money ON other people.

  2. This seems like an interesting idea. One suggestion, though, would be to add some sort of rule about investors needing to make a withdrawal request by a certain time.

    The reason I suggest this is because the PWI markets are not liquid.

    In real-life, you can generally buy/sell as many stocks as you want at the current market price right away, and have little to no effect on the market price, which is the definition of liquid market. But in PWI large purchases or large sell-off attempts can have a dramatic effect on prices, and it may take several days to complete the transaction.

    Allowing a merchant to hold investments, and only buy/sell when the time is right, or when an investor wishes to get in or out, would help a lot.

  3. so then how will the withdrawal work if let’s say all of the capital is already invested into goods on sale? I know that Wolfy said by a certain time period, would that be determined by the investor or the merchant? what if the money isn’t there on time?

  4. This sounds like an amazing idea, I really wish that there was a strong bond between merchants on Archosaur server to allow this to be run there. I do have to say that there are a lot of restrictions that would be placed both on Merchants and Investors in order for this to work. It could also become quite difficult for Merchants to keep accurate records of who was invested what. It probably would be easier if it was run strictly as a bank in which there is a set interest rate, that way it is easier to record each persons investment. The interest rate would also have to fluctuate through out the year as sales were put on. Most likely a formula would have to be made that merchants agree is fair to both the investor and themselves.

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