11 comments on “2x event expanded for a week

  1. In first day of promotion when I bought the packs, they gave double the amount, bought 50 pack, sent me 100 (2 mails) bound hyper stones, but when I bought today, they sent the correct amount, 50 pack 50 (1 mail) stones, think they fixed the bug.

    I also read a post in the forum and comment section of the news’ post someone said s/he stacked the bound hyper stone into normal unbound hyper stone, make them all tradeable. I know that’s why rank9 medal got removed in DQ reward, but long long time ago I have tried the stones, and it definitely does not work, I have tried it now, same not working. Does the bug actually work in the past just like double reward hyper stones?

    Just imagine the double reward and unbound hyper stones, please do not wake me up!

  2. I would guess the whole Wildlives not selling thing would have to do with Anniversary Packs having been on sale for 15 Gold and the recent “sale” on Dragon Orbs and Packs at a higher-than-expected “sale” price.

  3. …You looking at the same west archo on HT server I am? Wildlife packs have been the only ones — well, the major ones — selling for a while now, probably because they’ve been cheapest. The “bring back every pack in history” sale looks to me to have flopped, probably because they brought them back at pretty much non-sale prices, excepting only the wildlifes.

    As of this morning perfect chests came back online, and I’ve been making some decent profit off them. Competition’s beginning to show up this evening, though. Had those to myself for a while there, don’t really know why.

    I already hypered my catshop with the anni reward hypers, from level 21 to 27 or so — and that still left me with five minutes of unused hyper time left. Can’t imagine what I’d ever do with hundreds of untradeable hypers on a shop account — hopefully the blasted things can at least be NPC’d?

    • πŸ˜† Well, the best thing you can do is create another character on your merchant account, buy a account stash stone (they’re on sale atm) and you FF your noob out. With 500 hypers, you can have at least 5 toons lvl100+
      That’s the only thing you can do anyway…

      To make those hypers untradable is just plain stupid, imo…

      • yeah, but then you can’t put up the catshop any time you want to play one of those hypered-up chars. that’d only be good for an emergency my-main-needs-a-res cleric, i should think. it might be just as smart to think of them as totally free gifts and NPC them for whatever coin they give.

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