5 comments on “LU&D : the hacker banned and the glitch fixed

  1. frankly did not say he got a 3 day ban
    someone asked him about 3 day bans, and he replied that they are only for minor offenses, implying this is not a minor offense
    he also said the player has been dealt with
    pretty sure he is permabanned

  2. I’m also banging my head against the wall for not trying this. I would have sent myself rapture chests though, those would be really quick to sell and a lot less noticeable then 20 Love up and downs in AH. The hacker was stupid to be so obvious about it. There could have been many other ways to keep this hack up a lot longer.

    • To be honest the hacker probably already had gotten all the stuff that he ever wanted ingame so he/she finally got bored of PWI and decided to just sell the tomes to chars fer half their price knowing that doing this would greatly damage PWI’s economy and the hacker wasn’t doing this in order to gain money ingame but so that he could destroy PWI. I don’t know this to be true or not because I am not the hacker but to me it seems like a better answer for why he/she decided to sell mass amounts of LU&D tomes instead of sending only 1 of each item at a time to his/her account such as 1 love up and down tome, 1 dragon orb flame, 1 general summers token etc, that way it wouldn’t arouse for suspicion when they we’re auctioned for a low amount of money.

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