27 comments on “Dupe Hack: Death of PWI for real?

  1. First post!

    Anyway I believe this is true.
    Though I didn’t see it with my own eyes, a few of my friend who played on different PW servers confirmed this. They might be trolling, but I don’t see any profit for them doing so.

    @Warren : Did you create the post after reading the forum, or after reading the Facebook page? 🙂

  2. Your expectancy that these game will last until December i highly optimistic.
    If the dupe hack (if it is) won’t be stopped the game will be finished in 1 max 2 months lol.
    I am sad to see the game gone but well…

  3. I also don’t believe PWI will last till the end of the year. Duping items will surely be the last punch to deal the final KO.

  4. i am confident that the devs/mods will look into the issue, identify the problem (if there is any) and fix it in no time – like they did with every bug and glitch in the past! …..omg we are doomed!

  5. to be honest, i hope they go scorched earth on this
    i dont care if people lose the 200 mill they spent on tomes, or whatever, anything touched by the dupe has to be scrubbed clean

    if you ruin a few people, to bad, better then ruining the game

    that being said, i dont know if anyone here ever played runescape, but they had a dupe issue a very long time ago, and yet, they survived it.
    we are talking in the vicinity of probably 10 years or so ago now
    they essentially removed all the duped items from the game, and changed the original items to something else.

    I hope pwi comes through this, but i am skeptical

    • They never removed or replaced the items duped. The items then selves are well known for being duped and the prices on them are much less then the ones not duped. Especially the Party hats.

  6. Well, with PWE I can’t say I expect anything clever to stop this… They won’t ignore it, but I doubt they will have the balls to delete the duped items, plain and simple.
    What they should do is warn that everyone buying those duped tomes will face ban because it’s like exploiting a glitch (or worse, a hack) by the time they get rid of all the duped items. They could pretty easily track back to the hacker and perma ban him, as well as the buyers (maybe not perma ban for them).

    Let’s see how they deal with it… On their action depends the survival of PWI.

  7. OK… has the dupe hack become widely known how to reproduce? On Dreamweaver the price of gold is now roughly 1’250’000. So if my math is correct, with the current sale a price of the 1* Dragon Orb is (1’250’000 * 1.02 * 1.98) / 10 = 252450. And near the Yewelcraftsman Yi in Archosaur a catshop stands with 7’405 (SEVEN THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND FIVE!!! mind you) 1* Orbs at 155’000 each. Even worse, I see other shops selling Orbs for 115’000. So can someone tell me where’s the catch? Is there any other way to obtain Orbs in such quantities other than boutique? If I’m blind or plainly not smart enough to figure it, please can someone explain to me how are they making profit of those throw-away Orbs?
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Those orbs are from previous sale when it was 0.45 gold for 10, if the number 7,405 impressive you much, I still have 12k dragon orbs… it’s really nothing when you begin as a big merchant, most merchants those days have 7-8k dragon orbs.

      • Thanks for clearing that up. I took a break from playing and merchanting back then, but if I recall correctly there was a Dragon Orb sale not too long before, so they must be from it. Still it’s amazing how much Orbs could a big merchant amass. 🙂 Well I’m not happy about it ’cause I can’t compete with them on that market, but I’m happy it’s not a dupe hack.

    • A 3 day ban for THIS ?!
      Though, it was a pretty clever way to get stuff…. Very clever actually ! I’m impressed by the nerve of this “hacker” if we can call him that way…

      I would really like to know what they call “minor offences”…

      • Aw, come on. 😉 He exploited a bug on a poorly programmed site. How big offence is that? The biggest offence was that he sold those tomes for half their market price which caused suspicion and triggered the investigation. 😛 If he was more careful he could have probably exploited this bug for a longer period of time.

  8. Okay, for those who didn’t follow the thing before the mods/GMs deleted posts made on the forum topic, this “hack” is not duping.
    He only exploited a little tiny defect on the Jone’s Blessings page. He replaced the ID of the Jone’s Blessing by the ID of Love:Up and Down and he got genuine unique-ID’d tome. It’s a pretty easy thing to do and I bang my head against the wall for not having thought of it before 😆

    It’s official though, the bug has been fixed and you can’t stop dreaming about sending yourself GM weapons or such ! 😆

    • Wow. That falls under the category of, “bloody obvious hack”, actually!

      Exploits like that are pretty much Hacking 101. In fact, when they first came out with the DQ rewards page I glanced at the html code (hoping to see if there were any hints of what might be added to it later) and wondered, “Hmmm… the item IDs would be trivial to change, but there’s NO WAY they’d ever let an obvious hack like that slip by…”

      And no, I would never cheat by using any form of hack. Ever. But I do like to peek around under the hood at other people’s code.

      Thanks for the report, and good to hear it wasn’t a dupe-hack!

      • someone asked him if this person will only receive a 3 day ban, like the goon glitchers

        to which he replied “3 day bans are for minor offenses”

        it strongly implies to me that while 3 day bans are for minor offenses, its not for something like this

        again, you need to read those few pages of the thread to get the context of what he was saying, not just that one post post

  9. dupe on perfect world its possible,i have dupped items on “fake perfect world” but it isn’t so easy.by the wasy version of game was 1.3.6 so idk about 1.4.5

  10. Well guys Duping exists but Gms and Mods dont care no more check this faction teletubies all r9 and +12 in no more then 3 weeks i ve been playing for 2 years and i still have only one +12 and i had to buy the r9 ring not even thinkin of buying the weapon too expensive so tell me howdid 10-15 ppl in 3 weeks become r9 foul and +12??????

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