14 comments on “Sales, Sales, Sales

  1. The most interesting thing thing to me is that the wildlife packs and +11/+12 orb sales do not have an end date. Not sure what to make of that.

  2. The Gold price spikes during the past month were so big that I actually did something I don’t normally do: I sold Gold directly.

    I’ve been taking a break from the game for the summer, and I didn’t want to spend much time merchanting. So the limiting factor for me was the fact that once your shop fills up with 200,000,000 coins you can’t sell anymore, and I was only checking my shops once every couple of days.

    So when the big spikes happened I knew I wouldn’t be able to sell enough stock to cash-in before prices dropped, and thus I just sold Gold directly, then re-bought later once the initial, “OMG! Gotta have the new thing RIGHT NOW!” demand had died down.

  3. Packs demand dying down on my server, from 10-15 mil per day i dropped to 10mil per two days. WildLife aint selling that well too, then i switched to 1* orbs, got lucky…mass sold thousands to a guild made roughly 20-30 mil. Now im doing the +12 orbs, earning roughly 10-15 mil per based on everage gold price of 1.5mil, selling quite well. Tnl profit 250mil since i started on annis….can be more but i dont have the time camp ah for best gold prices and stay around to undercut other merchants.

  4. Just to share something i observed. It can be a bad merchant move to mass buy an item just as the sale for it is about to end in hope of selling it at a higher price later. Example Annis Packs. I mass bought it just as the sale is abt to end and voila…wildpacks came out. Buyers switched to wildpacks and by then i was selling maybe 10-20 packs per day as compared to the hundreds i sold per day. So stuck with slowly selling annis for wild and losing money per day due to my bad move. Wise up this time round, i massed cheap golds from ah and hit the jackpot with +12 orbs.

    • i cant say how it is on your server, but anni packs were my best investment ever
      i had a markup of around 200k per pack, and sold about 1600 of them in the week following the sale
      you know anni packs wont be on sale for another year, so its a very safe investment
      they sold much better for me then wild packs, especially in the beginning when gold was still high
      unless you were priced higher then other merchants, i would have thought you would do better on annies

      • Yeah Packs on my server aint really in high demand, it was orbs before they took em out. Now im looking for other opportunties.

  5. Welcome back, imcelestoned, warren.
    We all missed you =)

    Ummm…. they took off Dragon Orbs +11 and +12 from Boutique

  6. man, pwi screwed up royally with this +11/+12 stuff
    idk what they were thinking

    and warren, shame you were not around for the anni pack sale, i have never had a week that good, made more in a few days then in the whole august

  7. Desperately looking for new opportunities right now. Made a killing on orbs but I’ve sold them all. Packs are moving so slowly and the profit keeps dwindling. Tokens suck. I’ve resorted to buying and selling uncannies. Wonder if there will even be a new sale tomorrow?

    Gold has been going up on HT for some reason, can’t even get packs at a good price at this moment 😦

    BTW love this site and discussion, keep it up!

    • Gold on HT has dropped hard after they took out the +11 and +12 orbs from the boutique.
      I could say it’s now “back to normal” arround 1.4 mil a piece… 🙂

      • Yeah, I guess I meant it went ‘up’ compared to the 1.3 or even lower (best I got was 1.275) per gold during the weekend, probably due to the Zen sale.

        People were selling packs for ridiculous prices, as low as 490-495k per, so I only wanted the cheapest gold possible.

        Even now people are selling packs for 513k or so, so at 1.4 the profit would be horrible.

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