2 comments on “Secret Passage 100% PK enabled

  1. level-29, hell. with the rank-whatever lv-100s that like to do all the PKing on heaven’s tear, even a 7x like me has little hope of getting through. (and i think i’ve made my opinion about cube PvP clear enough on the forums, i’m against that too. but that’s a whole different QQ thread.)

    they say they want to keep the arena for VIP events. has any such event ever once been held there? i can’t recall any, but then i’ve only been playing a year and a half. maybe this is some super-secret every-fifth-anniversary extravaganza they only announce an hour before it starts, i dunno.

    i really have no clue why the arena’s closed. far as i can tell from searching through ancient forum posts, the player community was never given any explanation at all. my own very private best guess: the people who closed it for whatever original reason long since left the company, and if they left any notes at all about the arena it was only some vague “don’t open ever until the huge big issue has been addressed” without any mention what the issue was, and now all the current employees are too scared, busy, harried, or lazy to try and find out.

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