19 comments on “[Breaking news] Goons glitch “fixed” ?

  1. FFS, you all seem relieved that you can still exploit that glitch?? So that’s what this game has become, cheaters and powerleveled noobs. You know what’s really lame? I come from a WoW PRIVATE server where I spent 3 years. We had GMs online, devs who were actually doing their job, exploiters like yourselves getting banned. This whole company and this game are just a f*** joke!

    • It depends how you play. If you’re a quest guy, good for you.
      I personally don’t have enough time to grind at lvl100, that’s boring and useless. What I do have fun with is TW, and to be effective in TW you have to have a decent level or you get raped.
      Moreover, this glitch allows people to level faster, where is the problem ? There is a problem when noobs go there and level that way, but other than that…. If you know how to play your class, what’s the point in spending countless hours grinding for the same thing you will get faster with goons ?

      Yes, it’s a glitch exploit and I only did it once, but still. This glitch is a kind of freedom. It’s like FF : it keeps players playing, because people like me get bored of the grinding and quit.

      That’s my way of seeing things.

    • Hell yeah, I will most certainly do that ! But i’m feeling kind of alone in the blog atm… Hard to be everywhere (I have the next episode of the podcast to set up and the next Miss PWI contest too…)

      • This topic has just came out yesterday. Fresh from the oven =)
        Drak… there are too many topics that you can cover in PodCast xD

        So far we have :
        – 83% off Orb sale
        – SP is PK enabled
        – Recast on R8 and R9. <– and how this will change people's gear progression from now on.

        I strongly believe that we will get this recast update at the end of september.

  2. Sorry for that. I doing this from a crap phone and i cant register or see a register button anywhere. Anyways i know this is a little off topic but ive been playing pwi for quite a while now and i really get the logistics of the game and the politics and such. Now thats to a certain mr. warrenwolfy ive made it pretty well as far as coins go….like really well so its never an issue. That being said i wanted a new char and made a sin…suprise suprise. Anyways. I plvled him 4 lvls and for a good reasone…now technically he could be at 101 with r9 if i really wanted…well r8 atleast. But no. I keep him at 80 until im done FARMING bracers of blood moon. Yeah i have the means to take over pretty well but i choose to play the game. I think more people should realize this is a grinding game…atleast it was. I set a goal and now i go forth with it as others pass me by. Yet i still have more survivability that some 90+ experienced and revered BARBS on my server. I seriously think it has alot to do with me figuring out how to handle myself in sticky situations…something plvlers will never know until its too late. I will never exploit this or would have and im all the better for it. I could have i know many high lvls that have offered but i choose not to. What are your opinions

    • IMO, as long as you enjoy your time, and doesn’t cause unnecessary trouble for other players, that’s all that matters =)

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