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      • I don’t mean to discourage your or whatever, but after reading the forum posts, I found a few comments that strangely fits into my personal perspective.

        I do really hope you don’t find this insulting or attacking you.
        I am just simply voicing out what I have in mind =)
        If by any chance you find this reply is improper, please do edit / delete it. I don’t mind.

        First comment from Retsuko – Heavens Tear :
        The idea sounds nice. It’s always a good thing to have people care and such.

        But it simply won’t work. First of all, the gm’s have absolutely no power when it comes to fixing things in the game. Nor do they care since they can’t do anything about it. Another reason is that gm’s have absolutely no idea how the game works and it seemed to me when i had gm help, that gm had absolutely no knowledge on the mystic class. So how can a game advisor be beneficial to the gm’s when gm’s:

        1) don’t give a ****
        2) don’t know a ****
        3) can’t do a ****

        Second comment from Asterelle – Sanctuary :
        From what I can tell, the fundamental problem with communication is not between the players and GMs. It is between China and the GMs.

        Frankie for example has seen the dissatisfaction people have with class balance, rubber banding, and glitches but doesn’t seem to have much ability to resolve those matters without involving China.

        Problems that do not involve having to work with China are resolved much more quickly.

        I don’t see much benefit in something like this unless we can have better representation of PWI interest in China.

        Third comment from StabbyCakes – Heavens Tear :
        I already do a lot of this~ simply by answering WCs for GMs.
        Random WC: “ZOMG GM PM ME PLZ”
        Stabby’s witty wc comeback: “GMs don’t exist how may I help you?”
        followed by a pm from me to the complainer usually ending with me explaining to them how to write a proper ticket.


  1. So, um, yeah… I’ve read your post and even voted in the poll. I have to admit I admire your devotion to the game. πŸ˜‰ I’m really curious if you would find many people ready to commit their time for boutique gold (if I understood your posts correctly). Well, I wish you luck, nonetheless. From what you wrote GAs surely sound more useful for other gamers than those good for nothing GMs.
    But I have one question. Let me cite a part of your post:

    “I don’t know if this exists in PW, but I played another game called -removed- and they have what is called a GA : Game Advisor.”

    Would you kindly reveal what is this game you spoke of? I admit I got curious. And (hopefully πŸ˜‰ ) there are no rules here that prevent you from doing that like in pwi forums.

  2. I posted this in my faction, and to fellow friends 8D good idea, even though we might not be able to solve “china” related problems as fast as normal ones, atleast these new GAs might be able to get that message out. xD lets hope!

  3. Thanks for the support guys ! πŸ˜€

    @Panda : It would take more than a few comments to cheer me down about this, because i’m convinced that’s what we miss. Although, if people reject this project (i’m talking about the 9 who voted against), I think PWI is really doomed and will eventually die in a year max. So I’m doing what I can to prevent the ship from sinking πŸ˜‰

    @Karach : Yeah we could say I’m devoted to the game :p It’s because I spent soooo many hours on it, met so many people, etc… My character has grown with me… I can’t let that go I guess. And I don’t want to, because this game, even if it sucks sometimes, is really awesome and I can’t find one other that is better. They all miss something.
    I also think it would be a big waste to give up on it while it still has so much potential. Players shouldn’t give up on it, it’s F2P so it means you sometimes have to move your ass to make things happen. Otherwize, go play WoW and pay a monthly fee that will allow you to actually REQUIRE something from the staff. Am I right ?

    • Thanks Drak.
      Believe me, I don’t want to see this game out cold anytime soon, either.

      So yea. Hopefully the people on forum and Frankie can do something to realize this, somehow πŸ™‚

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