17 comments on “The Best Profit Calculator v.1 (beta)

  1. I just happened to be looking at my email when you posted and it notified me. But, yeah, even with the link it doesn’t seem to be working 😦

  2. Seems so confusing without pre-input numbers as example. B5, I assume it’s the coin cost per gold, which is after the 2% AH fee as I don’t see you added the 2% in later calculation; B8, my understanding is that I put 1 if I buy 1 bundle of 50 pack tiger packs; B9 is the number I can’t figure out whether it is in coins or gold, no matter what I input, I don’t see it right; B10 is a calculated number I completely don’t understand when I see the formula; in gold selling, you can’t sell all your gold because fee is in gold, if you have 102 gold, you only sell 100 gold, it’s different than selling 102 gold and minus the 2% gold fee in coins. You should have input the numbers yourself as an example first before uploading, it will make reading a lot easier.

    • Eeeeh… Well I thought it was pretty clear with the explainations next to the cell…
      I’ll make a little tutorial and include it in the file. Thanks for pointing it out.


  3. OK, thanks for the update.

    There are 2 errors, in B11, you expected each gold costs only 1mil coins, gold price is over 1.1mil in all servers, you need a cell for user to input their own cost per gold. In gold selling part, the problem in my previous post stays, if you have 100 gold, you only sell 100/1.02=98.0392 gold, and in reality you can only sell in integer, there will be always left over gold/silver being unused/stuck.

    Normally, selling gold in AH needs to sell 2%-increase higher to cover the 2% gold fee lost in trade, 5% profit in catshop, gold need to be sold in 5%*102%=5.1% profit just to match the catshop in same profit. And that’s only in theory/calculation they match the same profit, due to the fact in reality you can’t sell gold in decimal, there will be left over unused/stuck gold unless the amount you have is in multiple of 102.

    • Oh yeah B11, my bad… It was when I first created this spreadsheet, I didn’t think I’d use it often so I didn’t automatise it and I input the price of gold of back then. It’s fixed now ! Thanks for noticing 😀

      Though, about the Gold Trading, I think you misunderstood the goal of the calculator. The goal is to determine IF it’s more profitable to sell stuff in catshop OR Golds in AH. If the gold trading profit matches the catshop profit, there is no point in having such a calculator because each benefit will be equal. Also, try to sell Gold in AH to match a catshop profit, you’ll see it’s much more difficult than a couple of equations as people won’t buy your gold because it will be way too expansive.
      Also, when you talk about the 2% fee that is not taken into account : it is in cell B19 where it shows the AH fee in Gold (or silver in the exemple), and in cell B20 you have the profit you will make by selling gold though AH taking into account the fact that you haven’t been able to sell X gold or silver. I can already see you coming with “but if you can’t sell it, you lost a complete gold because you can’t sell gold in fraction” : you’re right, you can’t sell silver in AH, but the silver you will have left will help you pay for another transaction’s fee. Your 1 Gold is therefore not lost as you can use it for another purpose.
      I didn’t implement that function in the calculator because I think people that do merchanting are clever enough to foresee that and figure out another use for the rest of the gold taken for AH fee.

      Thanks x8 for your contributions ! If anything else, don’t hesitate, it’s far from perfect still.


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