9 comments on “Sales Musings, August 17-24

  1. Personally, i had my worst week in the past month, mainly due to the market for orbs and packs being saturated, its hard to get sales.
    my cash over cash profit dropped to 7.12% this week, after topping double digits the last 3 weeks
    my 4 week profits are trending down sadly, from 20.25% 4 weeks ago, to 18.13% -> 13.94% -> 7.12%
    granted, as more money is made, its gets harder to keep the same margin, but it is rather disturbing, especially the last week

  2. I was lucky enough to sell all my 10* orbs for 35m (5m profit per orb) right before this week’s announcement. I don’t track my profit margins closely at all, as long as I have a basic estimation of how much I’m making per day, I’m good.

  3. I am more focus on off-sale items, my Perfect Chests sold out last week, Dragon Fire pack is selling slowly at good margin, Force and Feather almost sell out, but the less amount I have, the harder to sell. The rest are all on-sale items which going very slowly. I don’t keep track of the overall wealth increase as the more wealth you have the more pointless it is, each individual investment margin percentage and actual profit are all I care.

  4. I’ve not been doing much in game at all, either on my playing chars or on my catshop, for a while now. What little time I’ve had to set up shop, I’ve mostly been frustrated because there really aren’t any easy, straightforward options open to me, and I haven’t had the time for proper market research to get into the less easy options properly.

    Which leaves me sitting on a lot of gold (by my standards) but yet not enough gold to buy 10* orbs and try that. (I was confidently thinking, a week and a half ago, that when they came back on sale I would have increased my capital enough to work that market. So of course they were only off sale a week, joke’s on me, I’m still short about fifteen gold for that.)

    1* orbs have very slim margins on HT; still some, but if I’m going to be as short on gaming time as I have been I’d like to take less risk than they have now. Packs — is there any profit left in them at all, now that everybody’s firmly convinced they’ll never ever be off sale again until the servers get shut off? Rep — I’ll have to check the prices, but with the sale having gone on this long, I’d be amazed to see much profit left there either. Who still wants R8/9 and haven’t scraped up the coin these past how many weeks is it already?

    At least the gold prices are reasonably low and holding steady. No real surprise there, I guess. There was a buying spike right as the mounts came on sale, but it subsided; I suppose everybody who wanted a cheap mount bought it with gold directly and now they’re all riding happily.

  5. the fact that all these items are going off sale on august 31st, lead me to believe that next month will be some massive anniversary sales, with the anniversary packs, and who knows what else.
    i suspect if your not comfortable with the items on sale now, you should just sit on your gold while its affordable now, and then wait for the anniversary stuff.
    i get the feeling that there is good profit waiting to be made

    • Eh, that’s as good an idea as any I had myself, so I’ll give it a shot. An anniversary sale does make sense, so I’ll bet on there being something.

      In the meantime, I’ll fall back on my preferred type-II merchanting method, token goods. It won’t make me much, but it’ll keep up with inflation at least.

  6. It sounds like things are slow for merchants if you guys/gals are anything to go by. Im still trying to psych myself up to take that giant leap into Type III. I have about 45mill I think from Type II and fairy boxes. I would love to hear some stories on how anyone made their first charge into Type III,

    • Type III requires the right sale to be on — one that causes a buying rush to cash in on. For me, the first such was 1* dragon orbs back when they weren’t seemingly always on sale.

      There really hasn’t been a proper type-3 sale put on for a while now. The most recent one was the perfect boxes — the herc/nix ticket packs. I made good profit off those, myself, too. But what’s in the boutique now is at best type IV merchanting stuff, things you’ll have to compete with other merchants for selling, nothing that’ll fly out of your inventory at almost any price. Things are pretty slow, yes.

      If you have 45 mill then you could get 30-odd gold at the low point, watch the gold market carefully and buy when it dips. With that, you could invest in packs and start basic type IV merchanting in the crowd of other type IV pack sellers — it’d be wise to work the math on their price levels and profit margins before sticking your head in there, though. 1* orbs, same thing. Charms, again, same thing, except with the added price pressure from charms received as pack prizes. Rep’s yet another possibility with much the same outlook, except you likely don’t want to be holding too many leftover rep badges after the sale ends as demand will drop. I’d be doing one or more of these myself if I wasn’t betting on a type III sale at the end of the month — and if that bet loses, it’s what I’ll have to do anyway.

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