12 comments on “Sales Musings, August 10th-17th

  1. Gold prices on LC didn’t move at all. Was planning on stocking up on gold while selling badges at a relaxed pace so that I would have a large supply to sell after the 17th but now that sale has been extended have to rethink a bit.Probably pick up some inventory and safe stones to sell once they go out.

  2. Looks like gold price gonna drop again in Thursday. It seems all the stuff have some good margins except packs even though demand is not high. I just hope people realize Bulk Phoenix Feathers & Source of Force sale is more expensive than opening Battle Pet packs, and reduce the gold demand.

  3. Trying to sell Rep, but its not selling too well. Not sure why. Gold is still quite low, 1.1mish on Archo. For those who has experienced, how well do the inventory stones and safe stones sell after and during the sales? Not sure if i should chance on them.

  4. Gold price on DW has rize a little.. around 1.275 mill .. hopefully it will go down by thursday… as usual the competition is fierce and i`m hardly making 2 or 3 millons per day… now that the sale was extended i will try to get as much gold as I can in order to buy a good stock of badges and HP charms…

  5. Gold’s bumped up to 1.25 mil or so on Arch, and I suspect it’ll rise more, since everyone loves tiger packs.

    I did fairly well last week. Still too poor to get in on the pack market, but I’m steadily selling things from the General Summer’s sale. The space sale is looking tempting, but it’s one of those odd sales where I don’t quite know where to set up, how large the demand is, etc. And as I’m still very limited in funds, I’m reluctant to lock any up in those… Anyone have experience selling cages, safe stones, or inventory stones?

  6. I’ve never tried to re-sell inventory stones, or any single-use items — mostly because I’ve never seen anybody else seriously try it, and I don’t have the capital for such experimentation.

    To me, this is two consecutive weeks of nothing much on sale. I’m tiding myself over with 1* orbs, and watching their profit margins like a hawk to make sure I don’t get too deeply in them at the wrong time.

    Gold prices aren’t much impressed on HT. They’re what you’d expect with nothing but packs on sale, basically.

    I’ve still got ten or so bronze HP charms from an experiment… Geez, was it two weeks ago already? They do sell, but stupidly slowly. I’ll keep them in mind as a rainy-day fallback option, but they just don’t move fast enough to be a main income source.

    I wouldn’t expect rep to sell much this long into the sale; I’m surprised they extended it, honestly. People are always using orbs though. I’ll probably dabble around in them until I think of something better to do.

  7. Nothing is selling well anymore, all those items have been on sale for way too long now. I’ve been trying to sell tiger / rider packs in west arch for several hours but, even though I have the lowest selling price, not a single one has been sold yet. And my competitors are not doing any better. I’m talking about Sanctuary server btw.
    Same with rep, that they extended to profit a little bit more of all those exploiting that dragoons glitch. You can leave your computer on all night and find out when you wake up that you still haven’t sold out. And I’m wasting 42% of my CPU + 1GB RAM + the electricity bill for this??
    I don’t know about you but this is getting really depressing, merchanting isn’t what it used to be.
    Since they decided to keep packs constantly on sale at 50/18gold they’re barely selling. Understandable, why hurry when you know that you can get them at a cheap price whenever you want?
    You add the fact that the demand for high level items is much higher due to all those powerleveling with that “goons” exploit and you’ll understand why their prices have skyrocketed. Which makes getting gear for your character a lot more difficult and expensive.
    All those who became billionaires with merchanting did it way before all this, I’d like to see them try now.

    • Well, of course, the entry level for decent merchanting is much harder with higher gold prices. Doesn’t really change the fact that a good merchant is still a good merchant.

      Also, I wouldn’t really say that the goons have had much effect for merchanting. After all, it was already bloody easy to level 90-100, now it’s just a bit easier. The noticeable difference is that we now have much, much more level 103-105 people than before. And considering that most of those people were already filthy rich, they’re not directing their expendable funds towards hyper stones, they’re using their untradeable funds, e.g. Demon/Sage Event Cards from Celestial Tiger Event and Celestial Shards for that.

      And really, it’s been what, almost two years since they first introduced the packs. So no one is really expecting the packs to go away, especially because when they did, the shitstorm on the forum was massive.

      Personally I don’t really mind a little bit of downtime, considering that I did exceptionally well with Perfect Chests just a while ago. And of course, if I’m having a downtime, it’s likely that so are others, which would technically be a good thing for me. So yeah, I’ll just get back to sipping coffee and going “Meh” at the whole thing.

      • The fact remains that people like Warrenwolfy had a much easier time than us. Players who started this game very early benefited from the insane gold price rise. So without doing anything they saw the value of their stock of gold, and therefore financial assets, increase. Whereas we’re stuck with gold that won’t probably go below 1,2M never again, thanks to PWI who decided to keep discount packs constantly on sale..
        Plus since there wasn’t so many high level players, meaning less demand, endgame gear wasn’t so damned expensive.
        I have a lvl98 archer with about 200M but, for example, primeval stones being sold at 40M? I don’t even think about r9 anymore.

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