21 comments on “August 3rd – 10th Sales, Musings

  1. Pretty fail sale imo. Tome Pages, Guardian Scrolls, Socket… all of these are far cheaper to buy with Tokens. I will stick with the old sale, but i do not sell pretty good recently. I only make like 2-3m each day, which isn’t that much.

    Better than nothing ;p

  2. 45 silver for a tome page; let’s assume gold drops back down to 1.2 million — that’s over 550,000 coin for a tome page. Compare that to the cost of tokenning the things up and, yeah, no. Not even at the inflated cost of tokens lately.

    Socket stones, I haven’t kept up with the prices of properly, so I can’t speak with much authority there. Working out the price using the same 1.2mil gold assumption, they’d come out to 32,640 coins each plus a freebie gem bag to go with every 75. Anyone else done some catshopping in the things to know what they usually go for?

    Guardians, I used to catshop for 100k each back when I could get tokens for 10k or less, and that was making a 10% margin or better. Nowadays, token prices being much higher, 100k for one of those might be more like breakeven. I haven’t checked what they’re selling for in gold, but it’d have to be around ten silver or less to be worth it.

    So, no, this is a gold-price-cooldown sale I think. Now we get to see how the market does when there’s essentially nothing but a rep sale (and the tail end of that) to stoke the prices. Not counting the packs, because of course the packs will be always with us…

    …And I won’t miss the +10 orb sale, because I’m still not wealthy enough to afford a five-pack of those. Next time they come back around, I should be. I’ll just have to bite down and try type-IV merching for a while, do some experimenting, try to compete.

  3. Sockets and pages both, at least on my server, seem cheaper to buy with tokens. I don’t expect many people to buy them from the boutique for this reason. My server’s PvE, so I don’t expect the scrolls to sell well either. At least, not well enough for me to put money on. Fash is unpredictable and that scares the hell out of me. I want something that will move, and I can never say if or when fash of any kind will, so no, not going to sell that.

    All in all, great sale. It’s something for PW to put on the main page, making them a few bucks, and it’s not replacing all my big money makers. That’s all I can ask.

  4. last week was pretty good for me.
    Just calculated my profits, and i netted an 18.13% cash over cash profit, assuming my items sell at my asking price
    However, more then half my wealth is in coin.gold now, so most of the profits realized are actual profits, which is a nice change from last week

    how did you guys do this week

  5. Report from Harshland :

    Well, socket packs and tome page are definitely overpriced.
    I am not brave enough to try and sell these things, and hope that some unexperienced ( I don’t want to say stupid) cashshoppper buy it =_=

    What’s the token price on your server?
    Here it’s around Buy @10k – 10.1k and Sell @10.2k – 10.7k

    With token @10k :
    – 10 socket stones cost 110,000 (11 tokens) -> 1 socket stone = 11,000
    – 1 tome page cost 200,000 (20 tokens)

    I don’t know what I should work with now.
    Rep and Dragon Orbs are selling with very thin profit (1-3%),
    while gold keep going down and down steadily. (around 1,305,000 – 1,370,000)
    2 nights ago it was still around 1,330,000 – 1,390,000)

    Any idea, guys?


    • Latest update from Harshland.

      As of the moment I’m writing now, the price of token has rosed dramatically from around 10.2k to 12k!!

      Gold has dropped from around 1,305,000 – 1,370,000 to 1,100,000 – 1,200,000

      Rep is now selling for 12,700 – 13,700.

      For some reason people are liquidating their Mystical Tome Fragment. I guess with token price so high, no one is interested to build PanGu tome?

      Oh god, I don’t know what to do now >_<
      Someone help me please.


      • Sounds like you want to be watching for good deals. Anyone desperation-selling tome frags for less than it takes to make them with tokens, for instance, snap them up and try to make a quick profit. Buy gold while it’s cheap, on the (very likely) theory it won’t stay cheap forever. Watch the gold price and the current price of rep, see if rep badges might develop a profit margin that’s attractive to you. Look for opportunities in a rapidly changing market; they’ll likely be there and gone quickly if they develop.

        Me, I’m experimenting with bronze charms just to see if they’re worth bothering with at all. Not much luck so far, but perhaps after they go off sale they’ll sell better…? As well, I’m trying to convert my coin to gold. If I can manage that latter, I’ll look at rep prices again and/or stock up on now-on-sale items for after the sale ends. Gold’s still well over 1.3 million on Heaven’s Tear, though.

      • Latest update from Harshland.

        Before I leave work this morning (about 2 hours ago) I checked the gold prices in AH, and to my surprise, they rose up again to about 1,250,000 – 1,350,000.

        Now, I would like to regret why I didn’t buy the cheap gold last night (please refer to my previous post), but that’s fine. I will wait for the next opportunity to come up. This is definitely a good lesson for me.


  6. Gold prices in Sanctuary dropped from 1450k, to 1300k.

    Rep badges selling really slowly now. D-Orb 1s, as far as I’m concerned, has been dead the last two days. Although AH merchanting has been sensational ever since the new sale was released.

    • Yea, that goes for Harshland as well (at least from my experience).

      Even at gold around 1,200,000 and I’m selling rep @12,700
      I managed to not even sell one.

      Do you mind explaining to me what do you mean by AH merchanting?
      What items are usually involved?


      • Actually, come to think of it, Auction House merchanting would make a good subject for a tutorial on here — I’d love to read about it myself, because I’m utterly clueless when it comes to that. I believe Warren said he’s never done it either, in one of his early guides. Is there anyone reading this who feels competent at that skill, and would any such person feel kind enough to write something up and submit it to the blogkeepers for publication? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like to see a good introduction to it.

  7. strange… here on RT, people have been slow to realize that with gold prices dropping, merchants should drop their prices as well. My profit margins have went up the last 12 hours or so, i hardly had to drop my prices, but i am paying much less for gold ( profit margins on riders and orbs are above 10% for now )
    I am sure the market will correct today

    i also found someone selling +10 orbs for under 30 mill, bought him out, and put a 10% markup, so thats nice as well

    • Hmmm… that’s nice to notice xD

      Tho I looked up all the on-sale item market here on Harshland, and all the merchant adjusted their price; they have lowered their price, so I can’t really gain much profit if I want to compete =(

      As I mentioned before, the gold price rebound back to about 1,250,000 – to 1,350,000
      Quick economic recovery I should say … =_=


  8. little report from LostCity :

    – gold once was at the 1,4mil point 1 day before the Rep-Sale began
    – now it dropped to 1.0 mil buy / 1.2 mil sell.
    – rep-badges dropped from 13’700 to 11’900
    – goldcharms dropped from 2.8mil to 2.4mil
    – the amount of D.orb merchants decreased alot as far as i noticed (dont know prices though)

  9. oh and i totally forgot to say :
    – Tokens raise from 11’000 to 15’000 (i think the reason for this was merchants running out of tokens)
    -> now they went back to 13’000

  10. While I made a mil or 2 from my shops daily last few days, my main focus is to suck up the gold in Auctioneer, bid price has risen some now, I think I will stop until gold hopefully go down a bit again.

    • You should really pay attention to when gold prices are low and when gold is plentiful then. Like Warrenwolfy’s gold cycling guide says, Friday is hands down the best day to buy gold. I always place about 50-100k lower than the top bid on Thursday night, and often get bought out once I come home from work on Friday. Also, note that (at least for Sanctuary), placing bids after 6:00 is dangerous, as there’s usually more buyers than suppliers during those hours.

      Lastly, when there is a significant gap between the lowest sell point and the highest buy point, it’s usually an indication that suppliers are scarce. Again, buying gold in this situation is risky, as it’s a complete crap shoot as to when the next seller will show up (and also the amount he wants to sell), and gold bidding wars may ensue…

      • JYZero, thanks for the tip.

        I have been buying gold since Wednesday’s night, once price hit the my desired range, I place the bids. While there were some big gold sellers cause the large trading gap, long time ago, my demand is low, I was able to take advantage of that by placing the cheap price bid before the big gold seller came. Doing this at your own risk, it is not as predictable as you seen, but sometimes you can predict it from experience, risk is always involved. XD

        Now with the Excel sheet record of my 2 weeks gold trading, which I started last week, since my demand is high, I lost more than I gained when I too tempted to place bid after the gap. I have lost 4-5mil gold fee last week, 3.4mil this week, I am not going to do it again, simply even I get 100 cheap gold, it won’t make a difference in overall average coin cost per gold. With extra coins around, I am saving gold for September Anniversary.

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