33 comments on “July 27th – August 2nd Sales: Musings

  1. I’m left with about a dozen perfect chests, and a fair amount of battle pet packs/SoF/PF that few people wanted to buy once perfect chests came online. They’ve all been selling, and profitably, but slowly; I’ll be rid of them long before they next come on sale.

    I’ve some tishas and tienkangs left, even. Most likely I’ve been in the wrong location for selling them, trying to move perfect chests instead. They, too, I’m pretty confident will be gone before they go back on sale again — I’m in no hurry.

    I had thirty-odd gold bought well below 1.3 million each before the sale, and have been turning them into rep badges and coin this morning. My catshop’s probably sold out by now. Haven’t checked gold prices on HT yet, but it was already topping 1.3 mil before the sales announcement so it’s probably closer to 1.4 by now.

    I’ll sell out my cheap gold as rep, but I’m still unsure if I dare play the rank sale markets with whatever gold prices end up developing. Last time the profit margins shrank dangerously low, really quickly, and I capitalized on having held cheap gold this morning. I only had so much of that.

    If this rep sale works out like the last one, I really don’t know what I’ll do with my coin. High gold and low profit margins are conditions I’d rather avoid, personally.

  2. Oh, and as for how I did this past week: perfect chests turned a steady profit. I’m surprised with how little competition there was for them — I managed to keep above 10% margin almost the entire week, and though they didn’t sell any huge volumes, they kept me busy. I have anecdotal reports that 1* dragon orbs were very hard-fought with near-nonexistent margins, as they seem to be these days. I considered experimenting with them, but between perfect chests and my leftover stock of other stuff, I felt I was already diversified enough.

  3. i didnt even touch the +1’s this week, but the +10’s sold nicely.
    i also did alright with perf chests, and i bought 130 or so for after the sale, hopefully i can get a good markup on those

    still for 300 or so battle pet packs left.. hoping with the pchest sale over, they move a little better

  4. Caught some cheap gold yesterday on LC. Sold about half my cheap gold in rep badges for about 12% markup. As the day pushes on the margins are shrinking very fast as the gold price heads upwards. Thinking of just leaving Rep badges alone after offing my cheap gold as the market is just too saturated. I noticed nobody is selling chip packs on LC, but i have a hunch theres also little to no demand for them. Still have around 200 Dragon Fire packs to sell off that i scooped up before the sale ended. Waiting to sell them till tomorrow after the initial cheap ones are gone

    • There were a lot of folks selling chip packs on LC the last time I did a quick check. Chip pack sale locations are in 1k by mysterious merchant, as that’s where you turn them into tokens.

  5. You guys are way bigger merchants than me; even if I liquidate everything I’ve got this week, I’ll probably end up at around 85-90 million coin or so.

    Which I might end up doing, if margins on rep drop the way they likely will. Which will leave me wondering what to do with 80-plus million coin and gold prices high enough they’re only likely to drop; buying more gold at 1.5 million each or more doesn’t seem like a good investment right now. Too much for any reasonable type-II tactic, really… Hmm. Maybe I’ll see if auction house merchanting is worth a try, buy some high-end mats or something and hope to resell for more?

  6. So far I am good with rep badges, sold out (30 stacks) few times at 8-10% markup. As for other thing, selling very slowly, d-orb 1star is dead. I have put my hands into too much things, perfect chest, dragon orbs, dragon’s fire pack, battle pack pack, charms, rep badges. I can’t keep track of all the price now, does anyone still remember the gold quantity and bundle units of perfect chest, dragon’s fire pack, and battle pet pack? I need to mark their price now, only remember perfect chest is bundle of 20. TIA

    • I write the figures down when I calculate my breakeven points, before buying anything. I use a little text file in a notepad-like application, and the calculator applet; a quick note about the item name, quantity per buy, price in gold, and the breakeven point at a given gold price (whatever the gold price is when I’m planning to buy, usually).

      When the file gets too long, I delete the oldest entries. Just going by memory there, though I should probably start dating them. Occasionally when I decide to unlist stuff from my catshop to make room for other things — like the rep badges — I note down what I had them all listed at, and whether or not those prices needed updating at the time. If it wasn’t for that text file, my merchanting would be at a loss for sure.

      • yea, I just started an excel sheet this week, keeping track of all the things and calculations, even my average gold price of all my golds which isn’t a good number. When those things were on sale, I just did the calculation, now due to too many things to keep track of, can’t remember all of the bundles.

    • Perfect Chest 25 for 10 gold
      Dragon Fire : 20 for 4.5 gold
      Dragon Orb : 90 silver for 10, 27 gold for 5
      Battle Pet Pack : 25 silver each (if I recall correctly)

  7. 300 Perfect Chests stocked up.

    Planning of pretty much ignore the pack sale for the next week or two. Stocking up 45 or so +10 orbs and getting my full R9 over the next 3 weeks. Maybe I’ll merch some reps, who knows. Depends on how motivated I am feeling

  8. I have been doing OK…
    Too many people are trying to merchant the same items and slowing sales down to a halt on a lot of items. It’s amusing to watch that really.

  9. Report from Harshland :

    At the beginning of the previous sale week, I can put gold buy offer around 1,200k to 1,270k.
    On the weekend, the gold prices dropped. I can put gold buy offer around 1,150k to 1,200k.
    Yesterday, when the new sale start, I can put gold buy offer around 1,300k to 1,400k.

    Dragon Orb 1-star : very low profit margin
    Dragon Orb 5-star : not sure
    Dragon Orb 10-star : very slow turnover (only sell 8-10 in 1 week, profit about 4-6%)
    Perfect Chest : sold 50 in 1 week (profit about 3-5%)
    Fire Pack : Sold 20 in 1 week (profit about 2-3%)
    Mysterious Chips : Sold 120 yesterday (profit about 10-11%)
    Rep badges : Sold 2000 reps yesterday (profit about 1-4%)

    My question :
    1. When we talk about “gold price”, are we talking about the price on the AH Gold Trading – top box, or the bottom box?
    2. Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? At the rate I’m selling my stuff, I can only make 10-15% profit at most after 1 week. Say if I have 100 million coins last week, I only have 110-115 million coins this week. I can never achieved 40-50 million profits like what people seems to ALWAYS get.

    Thank you. (*back to eating my bamboo*)

    • Hi Panda,
      for gold prices I use the price I need to pay after I sold the items. So you need a feeling how the price will develop in the next 24 hours. If the prices are stable and the volume of coins to convert in gold is low, then I use the buy-price in the auction hall. If I need to convert high amounts then I use a price in between of buy- and sell-price.
      Packs and orbs are selling very bad at moment on harshlands. I will go with chips and reputation since these are the items which push the gold price.

    • Well, for one, saying that you get a certain amount of profit, like 50m, is meaningless without context. For example, to someone who has 500m, 50m is just 10%, whereas to someone who has 100m, it’s 50%. Keep that in mind.

      And really, some people sell better than others. Some get high profits by having a smaller stock with low profit margin and restocking over and over again. Others get profits by having a decent profit margin and restocking rarely.

      And sometimes, people just get lucky. For example, I made a massive 84% overall profit in a week because I had a bit of luck with Perfect Chests.

    • Well, you have to understand most of the time people only post good news, not the bad ones, and you need to know the person’s background before judging. Just like someone got a scroll of tome from pack, you have to understand how many other people are buried under that. XD

      I do see you selling at very low margin, all the markets are really that bad? Come to think of it, my last week doing on-sale items were very bad, too. XD With more and more merchants out, it’s also harder to make profit. Each extra competitor kills you 1-1/(1+x) profit, 1 kills 50%, 2 kills 66%, 3 kills 75% and so on. That’s before the price undercutting war, lol.

      Back to topic, it has to do with timing, market condition and one’s capital. Setting up a shop as soon as a sale is up or one day after the sale began effects profit; if the demand is low and a lot competitors, everyone won’t make good profit; if someone has only enough coins to invest 1 type of item or multiple but too low volume, and won’t be able to restock on time, it effects profit.

      I can only think of only one way for you to make 40mil+ now, it will require you to get cheap golds before sale and a big gold inflation comes in, then demand for on-sale item is very high, that’s usually how people in type 3 and 4 range get it. However, type 5 merchant do make daily profit 10~50mil depends on market. More and more type 5 ones on the way. XD

  10. the main way people will make big money is by anticipating new sales, and purchasing the gold based on that. if you purchased gold before the current sale, and it went up 10%, and then your making another 5% markup based on the current price, all of the sudden, your making 15% profit.

    However, the real key is just to price your items that they sell pretty fast, and you keep doing that… just rinse and repeat… your 3-5% profit will turn to 20% before you know it,

    For example, last week i made about 74.6 million coin. Now you may look at that and say, wow, a good week, and it was.
    but then you look at my starting point, and in fact, i only increased my wealth by about 20%, and while 20% is nothing to sneeze at, i did not think i had a great week until i did my final tally on tuesday morning, and in fact saw i did well. It also includes the items i invested in, and the price i think i will get for them, so while it looks like 20%, if you take out the unrealized profits, its more likely around 15%, which is fine, at 15% profit, due to compounding, you should double your money in no more then 6 weeks.

    Dont look at the whole number people say, because as Olba said, you have to know what they started with. Also, as you get more money, it will get harder to double it, and your week over week percentage will go down.
    Im sure Warren would love to make 20% a week, but when you have the coin he has, the market gets saturated long before you can turn all your gold into sellable items.

    so dont worry about what people say they made.
    Set a certain percentage you would like to make each week, and try to figure out how you want to get there

    • This is true. During the Perfect Chest sale, I made 50m coins on the first day, but a good portion of that was because gold jumped by 15% and people were selling the chests for like a 20% mark-up. So, having bought gold the night before, I got the 15% on each gold, plus an unusually high mark-up due to competition overpricing.

      And yes, selling at low profit a lot of times makes lots of money. Though, there is also the fact that the more money you have, the more you can make. For example, if you settle for a 2% markup at 200 packs, that’s 4 packs’ worth per stock, but if you have 250 packs, the 2% markup amounts to 5 packs’ worth. Of course, this is only true until your stock gets so large you cannot sell it all in the same timeframe.

      And as always, there is no such thing as “get rich quick” with merchanting.

      • No, but there’s certainly making more money quicker than you could any other way except cashshopping. I’m a very small-time merchant as merchants go, but I’ve made more coin in four months of running one catshop than I’ve grinded on half a dozen characters in a year and a half of playing.

  11. Hi all,
    Brand new merchanter here from Sanctuary, and I couldn’t have asked for a better sale to start. So far, my profits haven’t seen any crazy (50 mill!!) spikes, although I’ve now generated enough profit to (hopefully) to start experimenting with some more expensive items. Started with about 18.4 Gold (it was a gift!!) and 23 mill coins, and now have around 18.4 Gold and 40 mill (coins + inventory)… almost 100% profit ^^. All thanks to warrenwolfy and his guides!

    Also, some interesting little things I discovered (applicable to rep badges) through my own experiences and through observing my competitors:

    – I found that the best location to set up shop was directly behind the Commander-in-chief, on top of that ledge. I’m guessing that it’s easier to see above the other catshops, and people who are flying down will have you in sight faster.
    – Having a unique looking shops helps a LOT!!
    – If you’re selling rep, do not sell anything else if you don’t have the price in your name. I remember seeing this one vendor with the lowest price who was simultaneously selling other stuff (Orbs/Packs)… he did not sell a single badge until I bought him out.
    – Talk to your customers!! At one point, there were 3 other catshops selling at the same price as I was, and the only reason why I was able to serve three customers straight was because I said hi and asked them if they were buying.
    – The beginning of the sale was basically a selling frenzy … gold reached 1.55 mill at one point, but it was still easy to get an 8-10% markup AND still sell out within an hour or less. Sales have since dropped off steadily, and I’m now restocking only 2-3 times a day.

    Sorry for a (boring) long first post… but I definitely feel that merchanting has breathed new life into a game that was getting stagnant for me!

    Lastly, I wanted to hear your opinions on whether or not buying 50 riders is a smart risk to take or not, considering my limited buying power.

    Thanks, and I hope to learn more from everyone here!

    • Welcome to the club, you are dead on with a lot of what you said.
      Riders will not have big markups, i tend not to get more then 15-20k profit per pack (2-4% profit ), but they are steady, and you may be able to turn that over a few times in a day
      but if you are getting a decent markup with rep, stick with it

      also, the place where people tend to sell riders is west arch, between the tele and
      jewelcraftsmen, so its hard to sell both at the same time

  12. i suppose it depends if you can run nirvana or solo fc and sell the heads, those can all bring in a few mill a day

    the difference is that with merchanting, you dont have to be a high level, and you dont have to be in front of the computer to make coin.

    and if your high level, and your computer can handle 2 clients, then you can double up, and make money from both

    • Nirvana you can’t get into until you hit level 100. FCC, you can technically enter at level 1, but most people seem to wait until 75-85 to run it even if they’re powerleveling.

      Before 60 or so, there’s basically no other way to make decent money than merchanting. after 60, you can try running twilight temple — but you won’t be able to open the fairy boxes until level 70, so there’s little point before then. Merchanting may be unique in the game in that you can start it the day you create your first character and just keep going.

      I started in late April with two million coin my main had grinded together. Right now I’m looking at 110 million and change, and wondering whether gold prices will drop enough for me to dare buy up gold anytime soon. (Yeah, I know I guesstimated 80-90 million earlier in the thread. That turned out too conservative.) I wish I had a clue what’ll be coming on sale tomorrow night…

      • Sales announcements are posted on PWI’s main website (pwi.perfectworld.com) usually late-ish Tuesday evening. Of course, some weeks they just plain forget or post the wrong thing, this being PWI we’re dealing with an all…

    • Chips and rep badges usually sell by General Summer and the west arch Commander in Chief, respectively. I haven’t checked to see if anybody sells them in 1k, maybe somebody does, but it’s not where I’ve gone to sell what rep I’ve sold. This late in the sale, though, margins on both those things are going to be razor thin.

      • I did some research by tracking another shop’s sales, and my results were mixed. Over the course of Wednesday afternoon – Thursday afternoon, the shop I was following sold about 3000 packs, I believe, with very good markup (>10%). However, the same shop didn’t sell a single one for the next two days. He has now move to 1k stream, where I am also testing out the market. Will mention this however … on Sanctuary, there’s a lot more shops selling at 1k than General Summer’s…

  13. I did some research by tracking another shop’s sales, and my results were mixed. Over the course of Wednesday afternoon – Thursday afternoon, the shop I was following sold about 3000 packs, I believe, with very good markup (>10%). However, the same shop didn’t sell a single one for the next two days. He has now move to 1k stream, where I am also testing out the market. Will mention this however … on Sanctuary, there’s a lot more shops selling at 1k than General Summer’s…

    Oh, and surprisingly, I’m getting fairly steady sales at 8% markup on Sanc.

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