20 comments on “Miss PWI contest – 1st Season

  1. I think you’re going to need an official judge(s) for the rest of this contest ’cause it’s obviously going to get rigged (too late). By that, I mean a submitter will tell all her friends to vote her 5 stars and vote down the competition as 1 stars. In fact, I can already see this happening. I’m not going to name and shame, but some of these submissions don’t deserve a low a grade as they are receiving, and some of these don’t deserve a high of a grade as they are getting. Also, the number of votes a person receives is indicative of whether or not they are turning this into a popularity contest instead of what it was meant to be. But, I’m gonna stop pointing out the flaws in this small competition because since there is no prize, nothing ultimately really matters. Thanks for reading. ~

    • I’m aware of that, and i was even before the contest started… I agree that we should have official judges, but on the other hand, what tells me that the ”official judges” that i’ll pick aren’t friends of one or another contestant ? The problem is that i don’t know anybody that’s 100% unbiaised.

      I think people should stop acting like children and be fair-play, because in the end there is nothing to win but a title. We can’t always moderate them…

        • Lol I am unbiaised.
          The problem is that as i’m the host, i can’t be also the ultimate judge…
          Don’t worry, i’ll come up with a better system next time.

          I’m not like PWE, i actually fix my glitches lol

  2. ill just sent my pic but i cant see myself……………..anyway………………..vote for me! lol See yaa!

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