34 comments on “Sales, July 20th – 27th, musings

  1. My competition are missing out on coral market since they’re still on sale. I sold 200 as a sideline pack so far at 15% markup. Riders do sell great, I’m shifting 300-500 units a day. Perfect chests were less successful than last time, probably due to the fact that last sale I was the only supplier.

    I’m selling d.orbs fine at 10% profit margin. Even discounting the fact I got a +12 orb, I’ve made over 50m from Dragon Fire Packs. I think they’re the success of this sale for me. +10 orbs have been slow, only sold 7 so far compared to 15 last time around, maybe the pace will pick up as people farm to buy the goods on sale.

  2. I’m on Dreamweaver selling perfect chests as a type 4 merchant. They aren’t selling extremely fast, though, with two other competitors. My try those Dragon Fire Packs boogiepanda is making so much money off of next cycle 🙂

  3. I have sold about 1,000 d.orbs or so. The other d. orb merchants don’t seem to change their price according to what gold prices are at. So my sales have slowed a little.

    Packs… eh… too many donkeys are selling them.

    Perfect Chests only were good last night because gold wasn’t so high. Could sell them quickly then. Nowadays.. no..

  4. I managed to make about 50m profit on Perfect Chests on the first day. A decent portion of that was because I bought 50 Gold before maintenance for 1.28m coins each, then turned that into Perfect Chests and sold those for 81.25m coins for a profit of ~24%. Overall, I enjoyed a profit of ~85% in a single day, going from 61m coins to 111m.

    Since then, it has slowed down, probably because of the ridiculously high price I was able to sell them at. I’ll start lowering the price and see where it goes.

  5. This is why I hate this kind of thread. I hate everyone!
    Especially Olba, I envy you =/

    I only get at most 2 millions profit since the new sale T_T
    Only sold 4 Dragon Orb Oceans so far.

    I don’t know what’s happening, eventhough I have the lowest price of all vendors on Harshland – West Archo.

    No demand? I don’t think so =/

    I just wanna cry seeing you all getting millions and millions of profit T_T

    ~Crying Panda.

    • Oh, but a profit like 50m in a day is something that happens rarely. In my case, I was lucky because the sales inflated gold by a good 15% and because all of my competition were overpricing the chests, allowing me to undercut them while maintaining ridiculously high profit/item and selling fast.

  6. Hello fellow catshops!! gold price in Dreamweaver is around 1.38 – 1.40 now… the competition for the riders market is very hard so I have one of my catshops selling Riders and the other one with Dragon Fire Packs … since there are only 2 or 3 more shops selling them I`m making some good money with them.
    According to your experience, what do you think wil be on sale next week?

  7. Everyone is doing so well, I will tell you how bad I am doing even has been only 2 days. >.<

    I didn't touch packs/perfect chest because lack of golds(didn't stock before hand, do have coins), d-orbs are being undercut by tons of other merchants, battle pet pack(force & feather) is one-shot KO by Perfect Chest sale. While I did expect a d-orb sale, I made a terrible decision waiting for gold price drop(been waiting for "sale cool-down" from my experience), did learn from my poor mistakes, oh well, until next cycle…

    While I am doing good from my other type 5 shop, I completely can not take advantage of this sale, mainly didn't stock golds before hand and now gold price has risen and merchants are still selling at old gold price or already at low margin that I don't wanna touch.

  8. i found so far that +10 orbs have a pretty decent markup, better then the +1 orbs
    perfect chests have been slow for me as well sadly, but they still have an ok markup
    sadly, like x8, i put a lot into battle pet packs…. put about 110 gold into those, sold 70 out of 550 packs so far, so its slow… but i expect it will pay off in the long run

  9. Another succesfull day selling Rider packs and Dragon fire packs.. after a short war with Showboat ..he/she discovered that I was one of the 2 competitors she mentioned above and we agreed to sell at the same fare 🙂 it was cool to found a fellow cat who follows PWI insider 🙂

    • Well, the only thing currently selling in my stock are the Riders…very quickly.
      The ~150k gold price deflation yesterday and today has been working quite well with my current price of 480k each.

      P.S. I’m a guy.
      P.S.S. Your shop is currently (as of 7:00 pm EDT) out of stock of Riders, fyi 🙂

      • I was able to sell a few Dragon packs too.. maybe 60 or 70…. for some extrange reason the gold went down a lot early today and i was able to get some cheap gold.. right now i m selling riders for 483k each… and dragons for 315k each..

        P.S. good to know that 🙂
        P.S.S. thks for the info.. i was buyng and selling the whole day… but it was difficult to fullfill my gold orders.. due to some outbids..

  10. Hello.

    Last D.Orb Sale i made great profit from selling higherlevel D.Orbs.Very low amount of competition. So i was happy when they announced D.Orb sale again.
    But well, after i bought a big load of D.Orb i noticed there where lot of merchants vending highlevel orbs so my profit went down by ALOT.

    Just now i noticed a merch who sells D.Orbs 1-5* to a ridicilus low prices (even low till no profit if gold were at 1.1m). Guess i will change my tactics when my shop is bought out 😡

    I am glad i have many side projects, else i would suffer much from this kind of compeition. c_c

    Perfect Chest sell slow. Didn’t tried the others packs.

    RT Server.

  11. I am wondering if everyone is selling at 5% margin?

    Also there was an unexpected gold price deflation across all servers… right after I got all my golds… lol!?!

    Phew, if someone is selling dragon orbs at ridiculous low price, I think he got a dragon orb flame out of Dragon’s Fire Pack and now just wanna get rid of the orbs.

    • So… the gold deflation was in all the servers?? happened in Dreamweaver but I thought it was a local deflation… mmmm sounds strange to me….

    • Well, I’m selling the Perfect Chests at ~4% profit right now because I’m undercutting the competition.

      Generally speaking, I don’t have a target percentage that I want to sell at, I’ll just adjust myself to, usually, being lower than the competition or at a similar level.

      The reason for this is simple: Right now, my stocks are so small that I am perfectly able to sell out multiple times in a day. Using that, I can cut my prices pretty low, because if I manage to sell out multiple times a day, I still end up getting the same profit. For example, selling out twice at 2% gets you an overall profit of 4.04%, but you might not be able to sell all of your stock in a day at a 4% profit margin.

  12. This has been an interesting sale so far.

    I initially set-up selling a little of everything for exactly 10% profit each, in order to figure out what the best sellers are. At first, Dragon Fire Packs were selling the fastest, then Perfect Chests, then Oceans. Dragon Orb 1s and Hammers barely sold anything.

    A few days later I lowered my mark-up to 8%, and Perfect Chests are now in top spot, then Dragon Fire Packs, and Oceans have slowed down.

    I didn’t try selling Rider Packs, but I did manage to sell plenty of left-over Tiger Packs, even though I raised their price by 15% when Gold prices jumped.

    • Same happened to me with the Dragon packs.. I managed to sold a lot at the beggining of the sale but now they are selling really slowly.. I keep them as a back up when I run out of riders and i can get gold fast enought to restock … and regarding mark-ups competition is really hard (at least on Dreamweaver) you cannot rely to an specific mark-up when you have people undercutting you all the time and constant gold deflation and inflation… but as you said in your guide: that s the life of a type IV merchant..

      • Yeah, you’re right about the mark-up. If you want to generate the most profits then you need to be flexible, and you can’t just pick one number for all items. Sometimes one item will generate lots at 4%, while another generates lots at 7%, and the best profits come from figuring out what to charge for each.

        The reason I put a hard 10% mark-up on everything is just because I’m trying to quickly figure out what the #1, #2, #3, etc… sellers are. So basically, I’m sacrificing some profits in order to get some objective information about the market.

    • I’m not sure, but I figure everybody’s waiting for another Rep sale. It’s going to come soon, so that’s what I’m preparing for.

      • So do I, I`m just a little worried about the gold prize cause if a REP sale comes it will jump to 1.5 – 1.6 mill but if something not so important comes it may go down.. so i don t know what to do on TUesday.. I only have like 120 mill now i will probably have 150 mill by Tuesday.. so getting cheap or expensive gold matters…
        My guess about the next sale: HP/MP charms sale plus easy riders..

    • If PWI wants to definitely ruin the game economy a Rep sale will be the way to go… last time the gold prize went up to 1.5mill in Dreamweaver… but since right now is already at 1.28 mill it may go higher…

    • I suspect gold will jump a bit higher than normal this Tuesday in extreme anticipation of a rep sale. On Dreamweaver, Gold is already starting to slowly rise back up in price. It may likely be 1.4 or 1.5 by Tuesday night. I’d say that the type IV’s should stock up on what gold they can now, raise their prices to around 500k per rider pack, and just wait for gold prices to increase. Other merchants that didn’t at least try to invest now will be forced to have markups on 1.4m per gold and will not be able to meet the 500k price point without having losing money. Heck, at 1.4m per gold, one could sell the packs for 510k with gold they buy now at just under 1.3m and be among the only ones that are making a (really good) profit. For today and tomorrow, though, keep it around 500k to slow sales down, then when gold skyrockets on Tuesday night, increase it more. I’d rather take a small hit in profits now to have the higher profit margin later. And hey, if there IS a rep sale, you’ll be able to quickly sell off your stock to switch over to whatever you want to sell from the rep sale. If there ISN’T a rep sale, or a sale that will keep the gold prices around 1.4-1.5m, gold will go down to 1.2-1.3 by Thursday. Those who haven’t sold all of their stock at the 1.4m prices will be screwed. In my opinion, investing now at the ~1.28m price point will work wonders over the next four-five days. Don’t forget, this applies to type IV merchants. Type V’s likely already have 1000+ gold they’re holding on to until Tuesday night’s sale announcements and Type III’s don’t have enough in assets to make this worthwhile.

      • 1.29mill now…… and rising…. but i found out that during this timem on the morning gold prize increase a little due to the lack of people selling it… if the prize keeps rising for the next 4 hours that will meant that the gold won t go down..

  13. How will a rep sale, or even the anticipation of a rep sale, change prices for normal items overall?

    Personally I have a gut feeling they’ll go up, but that’s just my instinct and a small amount of past knowledge that isn’t even from a rep sale (when gold was at 200k apiece – yeah, bloody ages ago).

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