2 comments on “GoldDigrz is the Heaven’s Tear champion !

  1. i think i’m far from the only one on HT currently scratching my head and going… “WTF happened at harpy?!”

    favoritism or not, GD isn’t a bunch of total incompetents. they couldn’t have gained and held as much land as they have, if they were that. ganking or not, they stood up to enrage; there’s no way to rig such a fight badly enough that any squad of completely unskilled noobs could’ve won it. so how did they manage to squad wipe at a single boss…? i wanna see the video.

    • Yeah i wanna see it too…
      But you know that it takes only a little mistake or moment of distraction to cause a squad wipe, even more with a strong boss as Harpy is supposed to be.
      Still glad they won against Enrage, because i know a few people from GD and they’re very very nice. They all seem to get along pretty well also, so they deserve it i think.

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