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  1. Hello Drak / WarrenWolfy,

    Thank you for publishing the Podcast.
    The delay is totally understandable, and I don’t mind (though I keep checking the homepage every day).

    I’ve repeated the podcast twice, so three full runs in total.
    It’s good to know that there are still people that still takes it easy in the game.

    Keep up the good work!

    I might have a quick merchanting question if you don’t mind ?


      • Thanks.

        I’ll just go straight to the point. This is in regards to being a type IV cashshop merchant.

        I’ve observed the up-and-down of gold prices in AH for the past 5-6 weeks. I usually checked in the morning before going to work, after I got back from work, and just before I go to sleep.

        Not too sure about the other server, but I’ve noticed that the gold price is quite stable. The lowest point is last week or two, when gold reached around 1,180,000 and the highest was 3-4 weeks ago, it was about 1,310,000.

        Today I made some calculation on a case of selling 100 set of Coral Packs (2 x 18 gold).

        Let’s say I bought gold when it was 1,180,000 (I didn’t actually, just a sample case).
        By following your awesome formula, the cost price of one Coral Pack would become :
        1,180,000 coins
        x 1.02 auction house fee
        x 18 gold
        / 50 packs (18 gold gets us 50 Coral Packs).
        = 433,296

        Ok, so on the first day of the Coral Pack sale, I went around archo and look for a few catshops that sell Coral Packs. By observing the competitor, I was hoping I can get some outline on how much I can set up my mark-ups.

        There were 4-5 catshops.
        The first one I checked they sell for 450,000.
        The second one I checked they sell for 442,000.
        To my biggest surprise, the other catshops were selling them for 435,000 – 436,000.

        By now, I have a feeling you already know what I am going to ask you =)
        But let me just make it clear, so the other reader can follow my story here.

        If I assume the other merchant were also buying gold when it was 1,180,000; that means they are only making 2,000 – 3,000 coins profit per pack sold.
        This number means only 0.5% – 0.8% profit per pack sold.

        For me, this less than 1% profit sounds too low for a margin. I couldn’t believe it. So, I just leave it at that, and set up my catshop for the night as usual selling tokens (which is a decent 5% – 6% profit, btw).

        I checked the same area again. Sure, there are more / less catshops selling Coral Pack each day. However, the lowest price available still goes around 435,000 – 437,000. I even noticed a catshop selling it for 432,000 a couple of days ago.

        What happen here?
        Is it still profitable for me to enter the competition with this current situation?

        Thank you, Warren πŸ™‚

    • Panda,

      I can think of 3 cases:

      1. other merchants bought the golds lower than you think, there are times a big gold seller sells at current price making the golds drop like 100k+ for a very short period of time or they got the cheaper golds before the sale;
      2. they bought golds with real life money and just covert them into coins without the Auction house to avoid the 2% fee;
      3. the merchants are just newbies don’t know the maths or just competing for competing at losing coins.

      I believe it’s the first case.

      • That makes sense.

        It is my bad to assume that the lowest price that I saw was the lowest price “ever”.
        I shouldn’t assume that unless I’m monitoring the Auction House 24/7 =P (which I definitely didn’t).

        Thanks for the knowledge, x8.
        Much appreciated.

        @Warren / Drak : I love the podcast!
        Weekly podcast would really sound rather pushy, so I am wondering if it’s too much to have a podcast once or twice a month? =)

        Who agrees with me? =P

        • +1 with x8

          About the podcast, i would really love to do it on a regular basis, but there is a major problem : we need something to podcast about !
          Or, we can let you guys choose the subjects…
          Also, it would be even better to have more voice participants to the podcast (eventhough text participants are good, but it’s hard to talk AND say whats they said).

          I’m really glad you liked it, that wasn’t an easy setup…lol

      • Hi Drak,

        In regards to choosing a subject for every podcast, I think it will take a bit of an extra effort (especially when you guys are still starting up the show).

        At least for now, I am happy with whatever topics you’re choosing xD

        How about using this format ?
        – 1 podcast per 2-4 weeks.
        – 45 minutes show, 3 topics @15 minutes each.
        – 2 topics based on whatever announcement made by PWI in the past 2-4 weeks.
        – an extra topic of your choice =)

        I don’t know, I am just blabbering about, here … nevermind me. (=_=)

        • Of course I’ll mind you !
          What you say seems pretty good to me ! We’ll see if Warren is motivated too and we’ll just go for it πŸ™‚

          Thanks for your suggestion, Panda πŸ˜‰

        • It’s pretty simple : you just click on a link, input the password I previously gave and you’re good to go ! You need a Mic too, it’s cooler

      • Just to double check, is it the details written under the “PWConference” post?

        I thought PW Conference was just something that you did internally between you and Warren xD, so I didn’t bother to read.

        I haven’t got a mic yet, but yes. I am very much interested to join the next “session”, once you guys ready with the outline =)

        Thanks again.

        • Yep, it’s this post. Though, each time we make a podcast like that, I’ll always make a post about it giving all the links and ways to connect to the room.

          And just so you know, everything that is published on the blog is for everybody to read πŸ˜‰ But thanks for pointing it out, I’ll try to make the fact that everybody can take part to the discussion more obvious so there is no confusion.

          For now, I think Warren is on holiday or something… So we’ll have to wait ’til he comes back !

          Take care !


  2. Thanks guys, I’m on my second listening now. : ]

    Really interesting to hear stories from people who aren’t guildies or RQ/QQers on the forums! : P

    I’m really interested in hearing the method you use with refining aids, because I always suspected that there was a cheaper way to refine than dragon orbs. If you feel “safe” doing so, could you tell me at what refine level you use what refining aids? I’m guessing you only start using them at around +3/+4 anyway.

    I’m on holiday at the moment and thus can only log in for an hour or so each day, and cannot leave me catshop open – it’s a toss up between selling merchandise and playing the game – and thus my previous method of making money no longer works… However I’m now level 70 and cannot support my character – I’ve been having to spend about twice what I make each day and I’m stuck with quest gear and a β˜†Petrified Femur…

    I guess I’ll have to try diversifying into being an auction house merchant. It’s a shame these people who can and do make money using different methods won’t step up to the plate like you asked Warren. : [

    I’m gonna put a link to this blog in my forum signature if it’s okay with you guys, this thing deserves far more credit than it gets. : ]

    • Hey there πŸ™‚
      Glad you liked the podcast ! We’ll be doing it again soon, just need to pick a date with Warren see when he can too.

      And yes please, put a link in your siggie ! It’s funny you mention it because i’m photoshoping a little image for people to put in their forum sigs (to counter the ”this game is dead” signatures πŸ˜† ).

      Anyway, thanks for the positive feedback and we hope you’ll be joining us on the next episode of the podcast !


    • It’s actually .gif file that blinks like the real tiger smiley in game, which is, unfortunately, not supported by WordPress. : \

      Back to AH merchanting again, I might try stealing a friend’s method and see how it works. Hopefully she won’t bite my head off… : O

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