29 comments on “Rank IX gear “reachable”

  1. All I know is things like rep and chips are not selling nearly as fast as I expected 😦 I thought I was gonna make my hundreds of millions off this sale. Maybe it will change later in the week.

    • I know the feeling,

      i managed to move 2.2k tokens for a 50% profit but havent been able to move anything much at all since really rather disappointing thus far. No doubt it will pick up a little later into the week it did last rep sale

      • I don’t know about your server but on dreamweaver gold is about 1.3m. and 1405 gold, makes r9 cost over 1.8 billion. and then shards/refines will cost even more. at least you dont have to add sockets..

      • Also keep in mind even if you managed to get rank 9 for 1 billion, that’s just the unsharded, unrefined version. You’d need at least another billion to nicely refine (+10 or higher) and shard (vit stones or JoSD) your gear and weapon. No point running around with the bare minimum on rank 9. 😛

      • You said in your own post full set = 1400 gold. At 1m each gold I think without a calculator it’s at 1.4b.

        If 1b = 1.6b (factoring in actual gold price), then I’ll give you 1.1b for R9, giving you a profit of 100m.

      • When I said it’s 1 billion for full set, it was ABOUT 1 billion. We’re not in a maths class, it was to give you an idea, but I see that you can do the maths by yourself 😉

        And if you read well, I said “over 1 billion”, because I didn’t want to get into caclulating each server’s gold/coins exchange rate.

        The idea of the sentence was just to significate that I costs a shit load of coins 😆

    • Since Rank 9 is a long-term investment, I tend to think of the actual price as depending upon how low Gold is going to go over the next few months.

      If it drops back to 850k, then 1,400 Gold works out to 1.2 billion.

      But I think the biggest question is whether or not PWI will make Rank 9 obsolete at some point. Because if 1.5 billion buys the best gear in the game for the next year, then 1.5 billion is dirt-cheap, but if a new sale comes along in a few months that once again slashes prices or else Rank 10 comes along and renders Rank 9 mediocre, then even 1 billion would be too much to pay.

  2. I’m personally having Tons of fun with this sale! My first set of 1,700 Chip Packs sold out WITHIN TEN SECONDS. NO exaggeration there. 2nd Set of 2,000 Packs took around 20 minutes to sell out. After that, I sold 5 General Summer’s Tokens within around 3 hours, each for 600k-850k profit. Now, I have 2,200 Chip Packs left. Perhaps this is my first really decent sale so I think it’s real good.

  3. Well I don’t even have enough for rank 9 as I am sitting at 14mil in raw coins hoping it turns into 24mil when I get home xD.

  4. I personally don’t know what I’m doing wrong. i’m selling GST @ general summer for 7m each, and my shop has been up for over 24 hours and not one has sold. I did WC a few times, but EVERYONE seems to think they are worth 4 or 5m max. Did I screw up? Was there some cheaper way to make them? Or is everyone else just wanting to rip me off. By my calculations it costed 6.6m to make one.

    5 gold = 1 GST
    1.3m times 1.02 times 1.3m equals about 6.6m. is there something i’m missing? i haven’t had any sales and idk if i should selll low and lose money or what

  5. Here’s a question for Wolfy: At the end of this rank sale, is it wise to convert all coins to gold and buy chips/rep/medal for post-sale, or hold on to the coins and buy the supposedly cheaper gold post-sale?

    • Im not wolfy

      But from the last sale i did exactly what you’re asking and sold for maybe 1-2k more than during the sale maybe 2-3 days after said sale. This was okay i guess but i was unable to capitalize on the new sale by doing this. I really dunno what to say in regard to this, you may well sell some rep/chips/medals after the sale for more profit and no doubt you will given some time, but whether its worth it i dunno i think thats something you personally have to decide. I’d get a little bit of gold before the end of the sale (fingers crossed it bottoms out into next week) to set you up incase they drop a pack sale. But i would likely say after this sale they will go into a recovery phase as gold has been really high the last month or so. I hope so anyway

    • I had invested all my gold in Dragon Orbs before the sale ended. I managed to sold them for roughly a double amount BUT I missed the entire first week of rider packs sale which was supposed to be a real gold mine.

      I would advise, though I’m not nearly as experienced merchant as Wolfy, to leave some coins just in case, but it really is a gamble and you have to have coins to spare. At the end of the sale many merchants will probably stock on those items so selling them will most probably take some time. But on the other hand, items like chips or medals or badges are generally wanted by most players because of their usefulness and not looks, so other sales might affect the demand for them less than e.g. for packs.

      Here’s a question for experienced merchants and other players who play regularly: how often does PWI put badges/medals/chips on sale? I ask because I vaguely remeber a rep badge sale at the end of the year(?). So how often is it? Once in a 3/4/5 months? Once half a year?

      By the way, I’m sure most of merchants have noticed it, but PWI does everything they can to crash local market, inflate gold prices and promote pay-to-play model. Personally I hate it, but what can one expect from a chinese game? I once read a very interesting article about how American or European mmo games differ from those asiatic ones (don’t remeber where 😦 ). The conclusion was that western games reward your skills (‘The more you PLAY, the better your avatar becomes’) whereas eastern games tend to reward your wallet (‘The more you PAY, the better your avatar becomes’). Notice there’s only one letter(!) difference between those sentences, which is a curiousity in itself. 😉

      • I won’t get in the “pay to play is evil” conversation, but I will just say that’s how it is in F2P games. You CAN play for free, without ever spending a single $ in the game. It’s just more confortable to pay and have charms and such.
        But if everyone did that, PWI would last long…

        We’re not in a communist world, things are meant to be payed in order to get them.
        Even further, we should all be thankful to PW for allowing us to play for free, because I remind you that there are not many F2P games out there that allow you to change in-game money into “pay2play” money.

        Also, the funny thing in what you said is

        The conclusion was that western games reward your skills (‘The more you PLAY, the better your avatar becomes’)

        Why is it funny ? ==> How many “western” games are F2P ?
        Western games are pay to even connect ! 😆

        I’m not defending PW, but I defend what is fair. We can’t have something without giving something, that’s the basic rule of society. And if you give something, as it’s not mandatory, they reward you with a better game experience, that’s all.

      • We’re not in a communist world, things are meant to be payed in order to get them.

        Funny you should mention it. PW is a chinese game and China IS a communist country. 😉

        Though I agree that PW is one of those very few games that let you buy cash-shop money with in-game gold and I appreciate it. It inflates the in-game market but gives us players a choice – we can either buy the R9 gear for 1500$ or for over 1.5 billion in-game gold (at least at current gold prices).

        By the way:
        We can’t have something without giving something, that’s the basic rule of society.
        I agree completely. It SHOULD be that way. However when you look at human actions across the globe I would say it’s just the opposite. But it’s more of a political and environmental debate for which there’s not the time nor the place here. 😉

        • Funny you should mention it. PW is a chinese game and China IS a communist country.

          Yeah that’s the irony of the thing 😆

          But it’s more of a political and environmental debate for which there’s not the time nor the place here.

          We are having a webconference on saturday june 11th (check the post), so maybe you can bring up this subject 😉

  6. I am utterly confused, really, as to why people are having trouble,

    I’ve sold around 8 General Summer’s Tokens now. Going from Cheapest to Highest,

    1x 7,150,000
    2x 7,250,000
    1x 7,350,000
    2x 7,700,000
    2x 8,000,000

    • Price of chip packs are going down daily. Therefore any GST that you made the first day and able to sell at highest markup may not sell in a few days. It’s only profitable if you bought gold before the r9 sale was announced. In general, if Item B can be made from lots of Item As, it’s riskier to sell Item B rather than just sell a lot of Item A. You always want to sell the smaller stuff. This holds true for items like shards (sell flawless rather than make&sell perfects), pet packs (sell feathers/source rather than packs), and chip packs just off the top of my head.

      • My Chip Pack sales almost came to a halt after the first day, while my GST’s have continued selling. Also, there was another seller next to the Mysterious Merchant (Where I found sold best,) who was willing to accept a 100k profit for selling 2,500 packs in about 4 hours. This limited my sales. So I decided to just move, and so far has been great. Things are obviously slowing down after the “Rush” of players trying to get R9 Asap, and I will probably stop stocking GST’s after this batch has been sold.

  7. @fellow – I would try to split my resources around 50-50, that way, you can get the bonus of the old items rising, but be prepped in case there is money to be made fast ‘

    @Karach – i think the last sale was less then 2 months ago…. pretty sure it was after the EG race came out

    personally, i do like the new sale, is presents some nice investment opportunities, as well as the chance to make some money now, though the best way if through the 5 medals for 100 gold, which limits you a bit. If you can get it though, the money is nice, even if you only sell a few a day

  8. I dabbled in both chips and rep, but found the profit margins on both to be way too slim for my liking, especially for as slowly as they each moved. Rep especially was comparable to the token-flipping market except more susceptible to loss if the gold price hiccuped, which I didn’t like at all. So I decided to experiment instead, see if I could make money some other way while most merchants were thinking “rank sale”.

    Well, that went at best so-so; I made some profit off dyes (again), but lost coin to some clumsy failed gold purchases. Learning the intricacies of the gold market is still an important challenge for me.

    I fell back on the token goods market, selling hypers, teles, and yuanxiao to FF runners. That at least moves decently fast and the profit margins are good. I managed to get myself a 22 gold balance by Monday night, so bought a 50-pack of riders thinking I’ll hold it for a few days, get a 20% margin on those puppies… Only they didn’t go off sale.

    Oh well, I still have twenty-plus million coin to play around with, and a reliable fallback market I’m getting comfortable using; I can hold those riders until they DO go off sale, it’s not as if I’ve gambled myself on them alone.

    What I seem to be gambling myself on, right now, is that gold market. It’s getting to the point where I have to do some real multiplication and addition to figure out my net worth at any given time (maybe 35-40 million as of this morning?), and I’m beginning to think I should count it in gold, not coin.

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