62 comments on “Easy Rider Pack Sale Aftermath

  1. My profits have actually been better the last few days than the first week. Though with leveling 2 alts I was pulling money off my merchant account because FC is a money leak.

    The one problem I see with the pack sale is gold price is way too high. I believe with lower gold prices the pack sale would’ve been a lot more profitable. I remember the last Tiger sale before this one I generated 118 gold from 18 gold because the packs were avging around 365k instead of 440k (numbers are rough estimates from memory). With those kinds of prices it didn’t price out the lower income bracket of many PWI’ers, so sales were much faster.

    Yours truly,

    • If you can you give me some more details, then maybe I can help you out. Were you able to get Gold? Were your items selling out? What mark-up were you getting? Etc… The more info, the better I might be able to tell what was going wrong.
      There are a lot of possible reasons why you might have been struggling. Perhaps your prices were too high, or perhaps you were paying too much for Gold, or maybe your shop was just in a bad location.
      One friend I know was losing money because he kept cancelling his Gold bids early whenever he got out-bid. Another friend kept spending his profits. Still another got so caught up in out-pricing the competition that he didn’t realize he was actually selling at a loss.

  2. Well, I bought gold with the coins I had. After that I bought a bunch of Tigerpacks when they were 18 gold for 50 packs, but then this new pack sale came so my tigerpacks became worth half of what I invested. I think I will keep holding them so I can break even after the sales πŸ™‚

    • What server are you on? Tiger packs are the best packs for players and I probably sell 500-1k a day depending on if people are in the mood to spam packs. I carry both Tigers and Riders, they sell, the other packs don’t sell at all.

      • I’m at Dreamweaver and experimentally invested a week ago in a bunch of Lucky Corals. I had no competition (which doesn’t surprise me) and consider myself lucky to have dumped them after 4 days on someone who bought all of them for a 1% or 2% margin. Lucky Corals – never again. xD

    • Do you mean Sunshine Packs? Those were the ones on-sale just before the current Easy Rider Pack sale.
      I had bought about 2000 Sunshine Packs, then the Easy Rider Packs came out and right away I knew the Sunshine weren’t going to sell anywhere nearly as well as I’d hoped, so I started liquidating them right away. I kept pricing them at about 20k less than whatever the cheapest Easy Rider Packs were going for, and I managed to clear them out in about 4 days. Most sold for around 400k or so, which wasn’t a loss, but it wasn’t nearly as profitable as if I’d bought more Dragon Orb Oceans instead.
      Tiger Packs, however, are actually selling rather well. They have slightly better odds than Easy Rider Packs, and most of the player-base seems to be figuring this out.

      • Oh wait, how could I be so stupid lol xD They even don’t have the same icon o.O Ehm ok forget what I said about tigerpacks πŸ˜› I guess I thought I had tigerpacks since everyone was talking about them in game instead of the sunshine ones.

  3. I only have 4-5 hour catshop so;

    50m first day (20% margin and sell out within 3 minutes)
    10m 2nd
    5-10m a day after that

  4. I, for one, have missed the first week of the sale because I had stocked on Dragon Orbs from the last sale. πŸ˜‰ A mistake, sort of, if you compare what I could have earned during the week.

    I concluded, however, that instead of rapid sales I prefer slow but steady way of earning money. The thing is with rapid sales you have to sell and restock very fast, if everything is going as planned. Few times a day, at average. It would be great if I had time to sit in front of the game and watch over it. Well, mostly I don’t. πŸ˜‰ I don’t expect to be able to earn huge amounts of money with no efforts either. I realize it takes just the same effort as for example grinding, meaning you can’t leave the game unsupervised and expect to reach next level. πŸ˜‰ That’s why I personally prefer such items that I can stock on and leave the shop for about a day (while I’m at work or sleeping) and expect them to be about gone when I return. Then I restock once again and repeat the daily schedule. The items fitting that behaviour prooved to be Random Pigments that have been on sale for the last week next to the packs. Selling them and occasionally some Rider Packs allowed me to steady double my cash from around 25 million during the last week. I know it’s nothing compared to 200 or 300 million some people made in the first week, but given the relatively small effort I put in managing my cat-shop I’m quite happy about the result.

    From my limited experience I found out that my favourite method of making money so far is when the sale is over. I can stock on items and sell them for nice profit when the sale is over. The best part is that I can virtually leave the shop running and expect to double the cash invested in the items. Be it in one day or one week – the earnings are a sure thing (at least if there’s no other sale of similar items during this time), one only has to patiently wait. So yeah, call me a lazy merchant, but I have no need to earn hundreds of millions in a week. πŸ™‚ A couple of tens is just as good.

    I would personally like to thank Warrenwolfy for his magnificent guides here. Were it not for you I would probably still struggle to grind my a$$ of to scavenge a couple of thousands of coins from wraiths… Whats worse, I would probably still be spending money recklessly on expensive cat-shop items. Because, Warren, as you probably realized, your guides not only teach how to invest, but also how to spend money in a more efficient way. πŸ˜‰ Kudos for that.

  5. I’m missing out on the pack sale entirely, due to only having 17 million in capital and so can’t afford a 50-pack of packs. Woe is me. 😦

    In another week or two, I should be able to play the packs market; of course, by then the rider packs won’t be on sale anymore. Oh well, some pack surely will be, and even the “normal” rate of a few millions a day will be much more satisfactory than my current type-II merchanting income.

    The dozens to hundreds of millions that people are talking about? That would be nice, but it’s more like my end goal; I’ll need about 150-200 millions to finance what I want to finance on my main char, but I won’t need it anytime very soon, so I’m in no hurry. Even as it is, I’m making more coin merchanting than I ever have from anything else in game.

    Meanwhile I’m desperately trying to study and learn the type-II markets out there, in search of something with better profit margins than tokens. Mirages on Heaven’s Tear seem dominated by a few big players who appear almost infinitely willing to raise their buying prices — last I checked at a much higher level than the selling prices were a month or so ago, when I briefly made some decent coin on those. The logical solution is the one Warren suggested, find another source of stock and undercut — so I’m looking high and low for one, thus far without luck.

    Pstones are probably my best bet; they were moving painfully slowly when I last tried them, but their price levels have shifted dramatically since, so something may be up with them — I need to dip a toe back into that pool and check it out. Tokens, as I mentioned, have a stupidly slim margin to them on Heaven’s Tear currently; their big advantage is that they move quite fast, and their prices have remained remarkably stable for weeks now. The end of pack sales may change that, and I’m undecided how to respond.

    • One possible suggestion would be to try selling a few Random Pigments. Maybe just trying buying 10-20 and see what happens. On Sanctuary they sell really slow due to competition, but on Lost City they’re generating about 1.5 million profit per day, which is pretty decent.

    • I can confirm Warren’s advice. As I noted in one of previous posts Random Pigments are a decent way of making money at Dreamweaver. Almost no competition and margin at around 15% gets your stock (of around 100) sold in a day or two at most. Or you could lower the margin and try to sold out more often, which is also a tactic proposed by Warren in one of his earlier guides. πŸ™‚

      • Well, I took Karach’s and Warren’s advice, and over the course of four days worked up to 24 million by moving some 600 random dyes. πŸ™‚

        This was an odd exercise in an unfamiliar market — the dyes moved far more slowly than I usually like, Gali from further down the thread was quite right about that, but on the other hand I maintained a minimum profit margin of 8%. There was competition, but they seemed oddly committed to their much higher price points; noone seriously tried to undercut me, excepting one other newcomer to the market, who didn’t last long.

        The main lessons I learned had to do with gold purchasing, though; I lost serious profits through failing some buy bids on the gold market. I’m starting to think one major difference between type III and IV merchanting is the ability to buy gold at one’s leisure when the market is stable, as opposed to having to do it when one’s inventory sells out before one can restock. Being flush with coin only to face a miserable gold market is quite frustrating.

        …But why am I talking as if this is over and done with? Unless my competitors wise up and start competing, I can keep on doing this another week… I might at that, depending on what this Tuesday night brings.

      • I wonder what server you are at. At Dreamweaver the Random Pigment market seems to have slowed down quite considerably since last friday. Still have some pigments to sell and will keep them in my cat shop but I will also try to shift some of those charms that are on sale right now. At least I will try a few and see how are they selling. It seems to me that charms are such items that will always be needed by those of high level players who constantly do TW or FC or whatever they do. πŸ˜‰

      • I’m on Heaven’s Tear. I’m tempted to try a charm or two myself, and probably will, depending on how the gold market turns out these next couple days; learning how to use it without getting too badly burned seems to be my most serious challenge as a merchant right now. (Wonder what location would be best for selling charms… The free hypers, I assume, would sell best near the entrance to frost? Which I’ve never even been in, myself…)

        Random dyes are still moving, still slowly, but in fits and starts — sometimes I’ll sell three or four overnight, sometimes somebody buys out a stack of 50 in one go. My competitors seem still unwilling to match my prices, although they’ve come down about 20% off their own “regular” prices. They need to cut another 10% before they’ll approach mine.

        Eh, at least by now I have plenty enough coin to play the next pack sale! πŸ™‚

  6. i am not sure how people made so much, unless they had stocked a ton of gold beforehand ( which sadly, i did not ).

    that being said, i am seeing profit on packs ( i sell tiger to rider in a 2/1 ratio ) ranging from 10-20k a pack a pack, and its easy to move 300 or more packs a day if you constantly tweak prices.

    my biggest issue is still being able to turn my coin into gold fast enough… i find i go fairly long periods waiting to get my coin into gold, and i dont like putting up a buy offer of more then 30-40 gold at a time, because if they get overbid, it costs to much to withdraw it.

    however, i would peg my profits at around 3-5 mill a day still, and when i have extra coin lying around, i try to buy tokens, and resell them fast. its minor profit, but its a few hundred k a day, it adds up

    • You are one of my competitors. But I am not afraid to help you out. As I see it the pack buyers spread out their money to all catshops.

      Here’s how I been buying my gold. As soon as I have enough gold or more to buy 18 gold I run over to the AH and place my bid.. I usually bid 5k over the top bid. Though if the buying seems calm I will only go 100 or 1k overall. Then I go back into my catshop with the packs I already have. When I sell out or get another 18g worth of coins I run back over to the AH and do it all over again.

      I don’t know if you are one of the people who have been undercutting or not. One of the most important parts of selling packs is putting prices above your head. I am not sure if you’re one of the people who don’t do that or not.

      Also, don’t get into undercutting games with the other catshops too much in my opinion. For instance if all the shops are selling fast and you try to seller faster than them there’s going to be bidding wars in the AH, and that hurts the lower income catshops more than the ones with more stock. You lose some of your purchasing power when gold balloons. I try to keep my prices lower than most other catshops but I don’t get in wars with people who go lower than me. Instead I either match their price or let them sell out.

      Hope some of this makes sense.

    • Getting more Gold is definitely the major limiting factor for profits. Since I can’t really buy Gold any faster than any other competitor, I’m earning roughly the same 3-5 mill per day right now.
      The people who earned 200m or so were the ones who capitalized on the initial pack-buying frenzy before the competition arrived. Competitors often will dilly-dally for various reasons, leaving the market wide open. In this case, it looked like most competitors were reluctant to sell off their Sunshine Packs for low profits and switch to Easy Rider Packs.

      • I know of a way to buy gold that tends to be faster than competitors. For a three hour period or more last night I pretty much monopolized the buyer bracket of it. I am not sure if I really want to reveal my methodology of gold buying though. It’s not something that’s all that hard to figure out and it does require more coins than some may have.

  7. also, is their any way i can contact you with questions i have ( if you dont mind me doing so )?

    sometimes i feel the need to bounce an idea of someone, and i dont really know anyone else to ask

    • You can contact me on the official forums if you’d like. Either a PM, or via Core Connect.
      However, if it’s something that you wouldn’t mind sharing, then I’d encourage you to ask any questions you have here in public, so that way we can all benefit from each other’s insights.

  8. Well I am kinda a beginner(2.2mil Coins atm) trying to make it grow to around 10mil by next week. Going to attempt selling packs when I have a good amount of money to actually merchant them successfully so wish me luck :o. Then I will give some input on this sale.

    • I’m not sure it’s a good idea to start now with the packs, the sale has seriously slowed down (at least on Sanctuary). At the point where it’s not really worth it anymore. Even with a 2-3% margin they’re barely selling.
      You should keep accumulating coins and wait for the next sale, which might be a much better opportunity to make profits.

      • Yeah its definitely not really a good plan to start now, if i were you i’d hold off till the middle of this week with a crappy sale on currently gold should hopefully drop quite markedly.

        I would try and merchant with your 2.2mil looking for cheap items others might want, eg fashion or the like and buy low and sell for a bit of a profit, it all adds up.

        I was a bit late on the pack train as i didnt have the funding to purchase the 18 gold at the time nor did i really want to buy more due to the really high price of gold, however in doing so i have managed to take up some opportunities on cheap pack items, eg Frost Wep for 13mil sold for 14.5mil Lunar Ornament for 25mil sold for 30mil. Little things like that while they arent as great as having gotten onto the pack bandwaggon they all add up for when the next sale comes along and you’re ready to pounce

    • To sell packs, you need enough coin to buy at least 18 gold at a time, or else the people who can get the maximum bulk discount will undercut you fatally. That’s why I’ve not moved any packs myself, yet.

      That said, two million was what I started with, and I topped 18 mil this morning after just under a month of slow merching. I’m far from good at it, it doesn’t come naturally to me and my luck is never good, but I still can’t complain about my profits. Start with the type-II markets and work up — it works. Gaining 8 mil in a week, starting from 2, is possible; that’d be just a little faster than my first week was (I managed nearly a million a day the first week out) and as mentioned, I’m not very good at this.

      Mind you, I’m not making a million a day at present. That market opportunity went and closed on me, and I’ve not found as good a one since. But you might well, I can’t say otherwise.

      I just checked out the dye sellers in Heaven’s Tear a short while ago… I wonder which of them is Gali, from further down this page. Whoever it is, I do believe I’m undercutting them on random dyes. πŸ˜‰

      (New pet peeve: cash shop items not priced in integer number of golds. I’ll almost certainly be left with leftover silver, whenever I decide to give up moving dyes. It also limits — slightly — my minimum profit margin, if I want to make up the coin for the silver I’m not liquidating every turnover of the inventory. Wish I could buy a non-integer number of golds on the gold market…)

  9. I completely missed out on the Easy Riders due to not having enough for a set of 50 (And anything else would not compete price wise), So instead, I’ve sold 2 stacks of 100 Random Pigments. And let me tell you, those things are a pain to shift. Took almost 3 days to sell out the first lot. 2nd lot went faster. Profits are..quite high it seems; Turned 18mil into 25mil, treated a friend to a -Int Trophy Mode Cape, and turned 19mil into around 27mil. Looking at Packs again, wondering how long it takes people to sell-out during these kind of sales; There are Tonnes of sellers in West selling extremely close to losing money on Heavens Tear. Random Pigments take too long to shift (Although perhaps it’s teaching me Patience) yet there seems too much competition for any kind of Pack on Heavens Tear, so now, I have no idea where to go, other than slow things down and continue doing Random Pigments. Mirages have gone insane, Tokens look way too small a profit margin for me. I have around 27mil (When these last few pigments sell) to work with, any other suggestions for perhaps the most crowded and most competitive Server in PWI? :<

  10. Alright I will take your advice on packs for now. But tokens right now are producing me such a tiny profit margin it I could probably go kill a few mobs and the coins would out way it xD. But right now I looking into selling something new so good bye tokens for now ._. …

    • I was making 1.3 million per day selling wines on Arch platform (ancientwell and afterglow, farmed in the Plain of Farewell).
      Thanks to that I had about 20 gold the day Easy Rider packs were released, so enough to buy the 18 gold one. At the end of that Wednesday I had about 60 millions. I’m sure pro merchants made a lot more but all this was totally new to me so I was more than pleased with that result.
      If I hadn’t bought mounts, fashion and gear I would probably have 150 millions by now. I still have almost 100 millions so more than enough for the next sale.
      I really want to thank WarrenWolfy, I couldn’t have done this without his help.

  11. gold sales are pretty much non existant on RT right now
    prices have spiked about 70k in 2 days, no one is selling
    earlier today, there were only 4 sell offer, 3 of them so high as to be a joke

    these packs must go 0.o

  12. I decided to have fun with this sale. I don’t think I made more then 10 mil with selling pax. But I opened few hundred pax for free πŸ˜‰ but selling enough from each 50 stack so I don’t loose coin πŸ˜›
    I started with 9 mil coin + 10 mil I borrowed from a friend, and another 80 mil locked in goods I got in bargains (G7,,G9, G11 shards and some Tokens along with few B&W pigments).
    Lunar Glade Weapon that I gave to return loan + Buddha’s Leaf I made for me.
    Lunar Glade Ornament + 2x Sign of Ant. Chaos I made for me.
    Cube neck I made. (Had one before, so now I need one more 2 go 2 next grade).
    7x HP charms I donated to guild for TW.
    3x MP charms I donated to guild for TW.
    Cluster box – I’ll offer it for 20 mil. If not sold by the time I’m 100, I’ll make it for myself.

    All in all – this was an awesome week. Now I’ll try to make 160 mil and create r8 savings account to be ready for next sale.

    Now for the reason I came to comment… I would like merchants of RT to form a guild and was wondering how many ppl will second this. But I want pro merchs. I do similar things for living and I know how easy it would be to OWN Arch market and AH with just several people who have the ability to open their eyes and look at big picture.

  13. I wasn’t able to make much due to a massive lack of coin, as I bought my TT99 ornaments, wrists and boots before this pack sale, leaving me at just below enough to buy 18 gold.

    Though, during the pack sale, I’ve gone from there to having about 71M coins at the moment. I would consider having more than tripled my funds to be a decent achievement.

    • If you want to lake money with packs, i suggest you do Tiger Packs instead of the easy rider ones. I did a little experiment with those two and the Tiger Packs sold out in like 2-3h while i still have the easy rider ones…
      To explain that, i would say that the possible rewards of the Tiger packs are more valuable than those from the easy rider (which only interest is the lame motorbike).

      • Not true. With Soaring Tokens going for 120m+ Riders are worth slightly more than Tigers.

        • They may worth more, but after asking in World Chat something like “would you prefer to buy tigers or riders” i got a big majority saying they prefered tigers.
          So yeah, i agree they worth more, considering you can get one of those dumb motorbike (lol) that are worth 20mil instead of the poor blazing tempest worth 4-5 mil.
          Maybe it’s because the tigers have an opportunity to contain WTLG, LGIW or scroll of tome ? I dont know if the riders have these items…

  14. I used to make +- 20m a day with easy packs because I kept holding my price 1k under other people, eventually they stopped underpricing me so I had alot of sales.

    Now a few days before the big investing could begin (made 1.5bil) pwi banned me for no reason and bb investing -.-

    • Huh? I’m not to doubt your words, but if you were banned (possibly) only because you made so much cash without spending one lousy cent in their cash shop it may be a warning to all aspiring merchants out there… Mainly – don’t make too much cash or you will become their number one suspect for any ‘crime’…

      • I can’t imagine any reason PWI would want to ban merchants. In fact, merchants serve a major role in PWI’s business model, plus it’s good PR for them to be able to truthfully claim that many free-to-play players are able to generate fortunes without paying a cent.

      • I was only developing PWI conspiracy theory. πŸ˜€
        By the way, I didn’t even know that covering someone’s shop with your mount is a bannable offence. I don’t own a mount yet (save for the default flyer) and in west Archosaur I usually disable displaying players beyond range, to prevent crashes, so I’ve never really encountered such cat-shop blocking.
        It’s good to know, though.

    • Are you sure that you didn’t get banned for keeping your character on mount over the other shops like you tend to do?
      I’m pretty sure that a few us merchants reported you for it.

  15. i am finding that tigers sell much better as well… i pretty much stopped stocking riders
    for whatever reason, people seem to feel that tigers are better, whether its true or not

    • Keep in mind that servers are different… On Heaven’s Tear, riders dont sell very much compared to tigers. They like a lot the motorbike tho lol

  16. This charm sale is killing me. Bought 10 charms and planned to sell for 2.5mil to get about 500k profit each. But merchants in arch HT are already selling at 2.4mil which is about the break even price now. The figured I could just break even on charms and sell the 10 hypers per 10 charms at 80k each but that’s only an 800k profit per sellout. And I have been selling at 2.4mil since sale started and only sold 3. They don’t seem to be moving fast at all.

  17. I am loving this new sale
    i have moved 24 hp charms so far today. at a profit for 200-250k per
    and i stocked 100 or so tigers as well, and sold most at a nice profit too

    • Really? What server? On HT I can’t move charm to save my life. And when I do it’s at almost no profit.

      • I too bought three platinum HP charms on Heaven’s Tear as an experiment, and I still have them. Going cheap if you can find my catshop… Them, and the last of my random dyes. (Which are still selling, by the way, slowly but surely.)

      • Same problem for me on Sanctuary, Plat HP charms are really difficult to sell. I’ve also bought a few Bronze HP charms but those ones are not selling at all. Even though my selling prices are quite low.
        I started merchanting with Easy Rider packs and it was extremely exciting, constantly having to buy gold, keeping an eye on your competition,… but I have to say that since then it’s been really disappointing. So was it just a fluke? Was that Easy Rider sale an exception?

      • I just realized that I talked like the Easy Rider sale was already over but it’s because in my mind it is, it got so slow that I stopped selling those several days ago.
        I have a question about those platinium charms. I see everyone selling the Plat Spirit charms at an extremely low price, compared to the HP ones. But both are bought with 2 Gold. So how is this possible? Am I missing something?

        (btw it would be easier if we could edit our posts)

      • The Easy Rider Pack sale wasn’t an exception. The initial buying frenzy and mad profits for the first week or so was normal, as was the rapid decline.

        I’d estimate a sale of similar profit potential happens about once every 6 months, with sales of not-quite-as-good potential happening every 2-3 months.

        The normal cycle of things is that as profits dwindle merchants will start giving up and conclude that the “good old days” must be forever gone. Then, of course, the new sale arrives and it’s mad profits once again for those who are ready and waiting for it.

        As for why Platinum Spirit Charms are so cheap, it’s because Easy Rider Packs are basically copy-pasted Tiger Packs, except that the odds of getting many of the top prizes has been reduced and put into increasing the odds of getting a Platinum Spirit Charm.

      • On Dreamweaver it’s the same with charms. Bought a few at wednesday and still have them in stock. Maybe I’m getting undercut, but I check prices every couple of hours and adjust mine accordingly… Random Pigments are still ways better to dump than charms. πŸ˜‰

  18. hmm….. well, after a hot first day, charms have slowed down a ton
    i would say i moved about 60 so far, but 25 were on day one
    and the profit is small, without the hypers, it would be minimal

    i do find it strange that gold dropped a ton on RT after tiger packs, from a high over 1.2. to as low as 1020k or so, but now has risen to about 1075k

    gotta hope its a fluke, though i imagine that it will drop once riders are gone

    on a side note, rider packs still sell ok, and the profit margin is fairly decent, so i stock a bit of those as well

    • I was also curious why gold dropped (Dreamweaver) from 1,2 million to about 1,05. My theory is that many people wanted to stock on tiger packs before the sale was over (hence 1,2 mil on the night before that tuesday) and when nothing too exciting was presented afterwards (charms? come on…) many (probably except for professional merchants) lost interest in buying boutique currency.
      I may be wrong of course, but that’s what I concluded.

      • I figured people wanted the mounts, so they charged $150 bucks and then either bought packs or sold the gold in the AH.

  19. Sadly, on my server the packs were selling in catshops for less than they cost to buy with the server gold prices, (about 25k loss per pack o.o) so it was a money-loosing venture in which I did not participate this time around. Glad to see others did well though πŸ™‚

  20. This guide is really great Warren, ty so much for this guide.
    I really need some help because im stuck with 200mil, ive been selling packs for weeks but ive only managed to make 2mil tops per day, im always selling 1-2k cheaper then the others and i really dont know why i cant make atleast 8mil aday like the other merchants do. Ofc it might be because of alot more people has started reselling packs as well so im about to give up merchanting packs, but then again its a great income but i dont feel like getting anywhere with just making tops 2mil on every resell, its not taking me that close to makin 1billion to finally get my gears. I am so lost and dont know what to do atm

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