6 comments on “x2 events and power-leveling

  1. If GMs confirmed you get x1 more, what can I say but Amen πŸ˜†

    But still, power-levelers can’t make you pay the double, or even 1,5x more if you get only a poor 13x instead of 12x, because let’s be honest, 13x instead of 12x doesn’t make much of a difference…
    And even if it stacked like it should (meaning x24), why do they make you pay the double ? They would get double customers if they kept the same price.
    Well that’s my opinion… πŸ™‚

  2. Drak, I think people charge more because during 2x Events, Nirvana can be more profitable than doing Power Levelling @1mil each. So they charge higher because they know everybody will be in Nirvana, nobody running PLevelling, leaving lots of players searching for a vendor, who will pounce on any opportunity for a PLevel whatever the price.

    • I thought about that too, but unaffortunatly power-levelers don’t explain this fact like that. They rely on the hypothetical x2 exp.

      Is really Nirvana more profitable than 5 millions in an hour ? I really don’t know because I don’t run those yet. And even if it was more profitable, nobody compells the power-levelers to offer their service during this time… If it wasn’t so profitable, they wouldn’t do it during x2 drops events, or I don’t think so at least.

      I mean that we can understand that they want to do other stuff than FF, just explain it the right way with other arguments than lies. For exemple yesterday I was on my seeker with nothing interesting to do, so I searched for pwrlvling. A guy that I know came online and I asked him to run a FF for me, which he did but he said he would charge me more because he was about to go to sleep and was tired (it was like 1 a.m). I totally understood that and I paid more without even trying to negociate.

      It’s nice to see everyone’s point of view about this πŸ˜€

  3. Not a business I’m familiar with. I don’t believe people increase the costs during 2x on RT. If I solo FC, I usually just do heads myself or invite a friend or acquantice along for free.

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