8 comments on “Pigment Prices

  1. Sadly I never have the patience to merchant things in a catshop. I always grow nervous and think that its not going to sell etc etc. Most of the time I stick to things I may require in the future so I can fall back upon them like dragon orbs. 😦

  2. Ty 🙂 will use to my advantage and add to my knowledge, always enjoy reading your posts::::<——-still waiting for the rest of your merchant guides cause in only 5 days of perfect stone moving has me ready for type 3, no competition on my server for them 🙂

  3. can i assume all those green shades were at the bottom due to them being sold in the boutique separately

    also, do all these come from the packs at the same percentage?
    are they actually worth buying packs and selling individually during/after a sale ?

    • The reason all the greens are at the bottom is simply because nobody wanted them. They weren’t selling at all, even before they were being offered separately in the cash-shop.

      And yes, the percentages are all equal at 3.125% for each of the 32 possible colours.

      They’re worth buying/selling if there’s a sale on and you wait till after the sale to unload them, but there are some issues to consider.

      First, they’re more labour intensive than just selling something like Tiger Packs, because you need to keep track of all the different prices as well as shuffling around 32 different stacks of items into a cat-shop that only holds 12-14 at a time. Second, they take longer to sell than stacks of Tiger Packs/Tokens/Rep Badges/etc…, so your money is tied up longer and you may miss out on something else while you’re busy selling them. Third, there’s a luck-factor involved, because unless you can afford enough of them to average out the odds, you might end up with stacks of Greens and Yellows and lose a bunch of money.

    • The only way to really know is to experiment.

      I’ll typically buy a few of whatever is on-sale to see if it sells during the sale. If it does, I’ll buy a bunch more to make sure, and then based upon how well they do I’ll make a decision if I’m going to buy a bunch before the sale ends.

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