One comment on “Raging Tide – March 16 gold market

  1. Right now I’m still selling Rep Badges and Chips, which means I’ve been unable to run my usual tests, where I buy a few of each on-sale item, mark them up by equal amounts, and then see which one sells fastest.

    However, my (evil) girlfriend has stared doing some tests, and her early results seem to indicate that the current culprit is Dragon Orbs. She found that D.Orb 1s will pretty much vanish if marked-up by 8%. To me, that says Gold prices will continue to climb here on Sanctuary, which is pushing about 1.05 million right now.

    More info is needed though (ex. how fast would they sell at 10%? 15%? Were her initial sales just a fluke? etc…) to make a more accurate evaluation, but my suspicion is that Gold will keep on climbing right up until the end of the D.Orb sale.

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