3 comments on “[Flash] Gold reaching 900k !

  1. This is just a side effect of a very popular sale coming after a slide in gold prices, and shouldn’t be considered a regular occurrence. (Gold didn’t hit 900k until Thursday on Raging Tide, after having sunk to the mid 500s last week.)

    • True, but the true meaning of my question was “why didn’t it happen on tuesday like it always does” as the sales are announced on tuedays 🙂
      As for Raging Tide, I have no infos about the gold prices there…

  2. But the sales aren’t announced until almost (or after) maintenance on Tuesdays, and with such a long dry spell between pack sales, the merchants weren’t anticipating one, so they hadn’t run the gold price up as much as the pent up demand would drive it. There’s a difference between “There’s going to be a sale announced tonight, let’s buy some gold just in case it’s good” and “Packs are back on sale! Woo-hoo! Nellie, go to town and clean out the gold market!”

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