4 comments on “Power-leveling services : too good to be true ?

  1. I’m for it simply because it creates another way for some players to earn income, and I figure the more options people have to play-for-free the better.

    As for the problem of creating more unskilled noobs, I don’t think there’s much that can/should be done about them. I’ve seen plenty of party-wipes caused by players who leveled “correctly” too.

    • I’m for it too, but I like to see all the sides of the question.
      It’s good that it becomes another income for players, but it leaves the door opened to bad intentionated people to make an income out of it too.

      I’ve seen plenty of party-wipes caused by players who leveled “correctly” too.

      Right, me too lol But the proportion is not significant compared to the number of good players out there. I don’t know how many new people we get each day on PW, but if you give them the way to level fast for some coins (that they can earn selling gold, for exemple) very few will turn the offer down = more chances to have “bad noobs”

  2. Overall, I think this practice is bad. I’m not saying completely evil (which I’m sure some people do believe), but more negative than positive.

    If an individual does not enjoy killing the same thing over and over again, collecting loot, going to town, selling said loot, buying new equipment, distributing experience points, etc…all the things you do in a game like this…then why in the name of god are they playing an RPG??? That’s what they are, people. That’s pretty much all you do. Over and over again.

    Not everyone enjoys this type of game. That’s not a sin. Play something else. There ares other online game types.

    On another note, love the site! Excellent articles. Thank toy for all that you guys do. ^_^

  3. PW is a Dieing or Dead game. Back befoe BHs and hyper stones PW was actually fun to play, and you could take pride in being lvl 100+. Now, even after the dragon glitch got nurfed, theres a new way to lvl ppl from lvl 1 – 100 in supposidly 2hrs… What dignity PW had left is gone.

    The last thing PWE needs in another influx of 100+ noobs that dont jknow their characters running around talking smack over wc. But hey PWE doesn’t really care about what Perfect World needs, they just care about the money going intoo their pockets.

    Good Night PW, cause pretty soon ur gonna go to sleep and not wake up.

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