4 comments on “[HT] Gold Trading Market 22-02-2011

  1. It’s not uncommon for sellers to inflate their prices preemptively on Tuesdays in anticipation of whatever sales might open up in the evening. It’s an educated gamble – if PWI puts out a “crappy” sale, gold prices won’t change much. If it’s a “good” sale, prices will climb, and the sellers get an early return on their profits.

    • Why specially on Tuesdays ??? For me a week starts on Monday…

      Even if the prices are inflated on purpose, I remember a time where it was like 400k-500k per gold… You have any idea why it’s so high now ?

      • Tuesday is always a bit tricky for merchants. This is our last chance to get Gold before sales are announced, so if we didn’t get our buying done over the weekend we can be vulnerable.

        While it might seem odd to bid Gold up 5%-10% higher than normal, just in case of a sale, the alternative is often worse. Getting stuck with 500 million coins and then having Gold prices shoot up 25%-50% really, really hurts, because you just threw away 125-250 million in instant profit.

  2. Thanks for explaning, it makes more sens me to me now 🙂
    Though, it’s a little based on noobs, isnt it ? I mean that you guys seem to be pretty aware of this, so i’m sure there are lots of others aware too, meaning they know that they wont buy gold on tuesdays… So you wont make profit on those… See what i mean ?

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